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As the winter draws closer wearing silver jewelry becomes less appealing…why? Because the metal is cold. So, I thought I would make something with a little more warmth.

I used wool as the foundation for this piece then added bits of precious fabric from:

I then took a piece of coffee dyed muslin and stamped it with this:

The stamp is from a poem by Elizabeth Barrett Browning: “How do I love thee…..”

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The button closure is a turquoise bead. I used black elastic cording for the hoop.

The button that I sewed on for decoration is from an old Tommy Bahama shirt. It is made from a coconut.

I added some beading for detail:

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This was a fun find:

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The two figures are from Yankee Candle. They really are diffusers but, I am not going to use them for that. I am working on a little vignette of Dia De Los Muertos. I plan on hanging the whole little vignette on the wall when it is done.


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This is my attempt at dying some muslin turquoise/teal. Very spotty but, good enough.

I wanted it to be lighter but, I think I will just go with it. I will be using it for a gift I am working on.

Lastly, I have chosen this new blog template and will be adding new details when I can.

Have a great week <3

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“La Vie En Rose”

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I love the name of the song:

“La Vie En Rose”

It means, “Life in shades of Pink” or

“Looking at life through rose-colored glasses.”

I like the second meaning best because I just happen to have

a pair of rose-colored glasses

to help me see life as “rose-y”.

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and to celebrate my rosiest rose view of life I have gathered

3 very large rose pictures.

Photographs that are enlarged….

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These pictures will go in my newly painted living room to add some beauty.

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I also stitched a white rose on black….


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I know you can still see the chalk lines from my sketch….


The inspiration:

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a gift from my friend for Dia De los Muertos…

I do not want to show the whole picture because I think she

is using it as part of a project for a group of Artist.

Thank you Quilt Architect <3


I also finished reading Sabrina, and she mentions the song “La Vie En Rose”,

that they always play for the tourist in France.



Lastly, I have been working on a new scarf for daughter #1…..

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(a new picture of daughter #1)

a turquoise scarf for her for Christmas.



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Just a little “notey”

I have been working a lot…

When I returned to my little blog in “blog-o-sphere” land, I was informed that my WordPress style

layout I had chosen would be changed within two weeks. I previewed the new layout and was not all that

crazy about it. So, temporarily I have chosen this Holiday-ish theme because I like the “warmth” of it.

I hope to have a little post within a day or so….

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So, I have had a few days off and the word of the day is “beautify”.

Yep, I could no longer stand the “ugliness” of where I live so, a bucket of paint

has done wonders…magic actually!

Some times it is just the little things that can make a huge difference.

I know, one should do such a thing when the sashes can be thrown open and the smells

of Spring invade ones senses but, no not me…I decide to give in just as the rains and

potential snow begin to fly and it is c-o-l-d brrr!

I think it is because I can not stand another winter without feeling like I can

at least enjoy my space a bit.

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Also, I am throwing in a bit of Pierre Deux type colors…

a thrifty find!…

I am also going to use my Guatemalan fabric for pillows covers.

Guatemalan Fabric

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Also I am planning for the Holidays….

I am not obsessing in any way, just wanting to do a little at a time.

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wrapping my little finds for the children….

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I finally “unearthed” my fabrics that were stashed in boxes beside my desk…

talk about uninspiring! I could not see what I had and I  always had to go digging for what I wanted,

trying to remember what I have. The fabric is now neatly stacked on shelves by colorway…

Lastly, I am almost done with ALICE IN WONDERLAND.

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and now I will leave you with the words I have written on ALICE IN WONDRERLAND

“Is every moment of our lives built into us before we’re born?

If it is, does that make us less responsible for the things we do?

Or is responsibility built in too? After you hit the ball, do you stand and

wait to see if it goes out, or do you start running and let nature take its course?”


Have a great week!



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Dia de los muertos

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Today I lit a candle to remember my mother…

Sometimes my daughters, do things that remind me of her and sometimes

when I look in the mirror I see her staring back at me.

She was one of the kindest and most gentle people I ever knew….I miss her.


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Also, just a little more stitching on Alice In Wonderland….

: )

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Alice, Jack, Lucy, Sam and a Hookah smoking caterpillar


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the caterpillar ask Alice, “Who are you?”

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I cut out this Alice In Wonderland figure and have added lots

of words (not shown). This piece is more about the words than anything

else. I will share it with you when I have finished stitching.

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The hookah smoking caterpillar was intriguing to me…and his most

profound question of, “who are you?” lol!

Lots of stitching to do….

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Jack, the pumpkin….

has some new “woolly” friends


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“Sam” AKA “Radar”, the pig….(named by daughter #3)

he has a big ears and a straight tale.

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a little girl named, “Lucy”.

I embroidered her face and the crochet scarf was  from cotton yarn.  She is about 3 1/2 inches or so tall.


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All of them made from my recent found wool.

No real intention other than to see what I could make with the wool.

I have been focused on little projects because my time for creating is extremely limited these days.

I also, made a list recently of projects I have going.

I needed some clarity

so I can focus on finishing some things.

I have found that my bigger projects require large

amounts of fabric and I can not put the resources into that now but, eventually will.

Have a great week…

: )

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I forgot this

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(had to throw this picture back in….)

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a little patch of Gerdiary’s fun fabric.

It is the sheer fabric on the left with the hand drawn marks/lines.


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I am still thinking about whether to add a little writing at the top

where the beige fabric is….????

After I finished stitching it,

I thought it looked like a band aid! lol!


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a picture with the edges showing (for Becky).

: )

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I am still here….

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My daughters and I went on a charity walk…..

(Oh, and for the record, I did ask my son #2 to join us but he

smiled and declined the offer.)

I am wearing layers and layers of clothes because, although it is sunny, it was cold!

It was in the 40’s brrr!

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later on in the day, I was taking daughter #2 for a sleepover at a friends,  and on the way

home daughter #3 and I saw this…..Wild Turkeys crossing the road right in front of us!

I told daughter #3 to quickly hand me the camera and I snapped the pictures through

the front window of the car.

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of course we have been enjoying the full moon….luna!

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and our new cat LUNA…she has a big heart shaped spot on her back <3

(she just drank water and ate so, she has something on her “chin”)

She is very smart and sweet.

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A chicken re-do…This is a piece I made a while back and I put it in the “no-likey”

pile because I was never satisfied with the beak. This morning I picked it up and ripped

off the old piece and re worked the beak. The chicken is made of linen and the stitching on it

is linen thread.

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Lastly, I have made this little proud chap.

A tiny “Jack, the pumpkin king”.

He  fits in the palm of my hand.

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I made him out of the new wool I bought .  It was so much fun because wool

is easy to work with. He seems to be looking upward and thinking about

something…..hmmm, wonder what?

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The local fabric store had patterns on sale for 99 cents and I could not resist

this one. Daughter #3 was with me and was rolling in the floor with laughter

but, I told her I wanted to make the dress because it reminded of dresses I used

to wear from Laura Ashely.  I also explained that I actually like wearing

dresses with winter tights.

This is my “someday” project.

I will make it shorter….

Time for some sleep zzzzz

: )



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I was outside the other day, working on something and look what landed…..

the most beautiful little dragonfly!

And it is color coordinated too (laughing!)

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I thought I would share a little stitching……

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Just playing with different fabrics and textures….

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I wanted to share a quote I found recently:

“My strategy generally is to be optimisitic. Pessimissm is self-fulfilling. So optimism is the only

strategy really to have. You know, to have gotten the life that I have involved a certain amount of

dreaming,” he says chuckling. ” I’ve sort of dreamt my life. I’ve fantasized about life and then figured

out how I could make that fantasy into something real.”


(the singer)

I thought that was a quote worth sharing because it “struck a cord” with me.

We need all the positive we can get in this world, right?

I have heard it said a lot recently to “dream well”….

seems like a good thing to me.

: )


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I just had to…

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….create a little pumpkin quilt piece for this time of year.

You know me and pumpkins….


Just  a quick post to share a little something I am working on.

I was having a difficult time deciding what to do with the wool my daughters

and I picked up so, I sat back and thought about what things I really enjoy….

One is Outsider Art and Folk Art.

So, I drew my inspiration from that for this little piece I have begun.

Another thing I want to share with you is this lovely fabric sent by:


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If you have thought of getting some of her lovely fabric,

let me tell you it is such a treat and so worth it.

You will not me disappointed.

Each one sent has been a delight to open.

It is like opening a little piece of art!

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the underside of the fabric wrapped so beautifully.

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and the soft and silky fabric inside.

I Like that!


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