Victoria and Richard Emprise

Mackenzie-childs pot3

CC License View

This is a Mackenzie-Childs coffee pot that I have had for quite some time. I really

love it! The beautiful red bead that was on top fell off when I put it on top of the stove and the bad

news is I can not move the stove??? So I am going to have to figure out plan “B”???

Anyway, Mackenzie-Childs sold their original company and now have become:

There line used to consist of pottery and furniture so it will be interesting to see what they

are doing now. I know they are doing jewelry.

So, check it out….fun! fun!

red bead 1CC License View

Update! Update! Update!

The original company Mackenzie-Childs graciously replaced my missing red bead that belongs

on the top of my coffee pot.

Chivalry and kindness are still alive!!!

check them out:

4 Responses to Victoria and Richard Emprise

  1. mendofleur says:

    I love their things!! I did not know that they sold their company and have a new one. Thanks for the information. Your coffee pot is great.

    • ancientcloth says:

      At one point I had a small collection of things
      but, all I have now is the coffee pot. I really enjoy
      the playfulness of their pieces. : )

  2. nikki lewis says:

    Please check us out on facebook to get the latest on Victoria & Richard MacKenzie-Childs.

    They are making an all new “Pure MKC Line”
    Totally made by the artist themselves.

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