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I baked a heart shaped  chocolate Birthday cake for my youngest child.

Made her favorite food (pizza) and decorated with streamers and banners.

Hard to believe the children are growing so fast. #3 daughter and I sat and

chatted last night and she shared her dreams and goals with me. I wish I was

half as “together”, when I was her age!

My children give me “Hope” for a better


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a little gift I stitched….

I found a replica 1930’s Tea towel and was trying to figure out what to stitch on it ???????

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pecan pie! Yep…I ate the whole piece mmmm….

Eureka! I had my idea for the tea towel :)


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The inspiration for this piece came from my Christmas cards:


Note: When I first saw the card I thought it was funny and clever. I actually enjoy

fruit cake with rum sauce. That was an annual gift from my Mother.

She did not make it but, ordered it and had it sent.

Anyway, back to the card, the picture shows a family, including the dog

throwing fruitcake into a cut out hole in the ice…lol!

More inspiration came from this book:

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I can not say enough good things about this book by Janet Bolton.

It is a valuable tool for stitching and so easy to read. She gives thorough descriptions of

“how to” stitch with loads of ideas and patterns.

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I am stitching the word “Fruitcake” on this piece and then I will be framing it.


The book by Janet Bolton tells you how to mat and frame your quilt pieces.

Have a lovely week!


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10 Responses to Sweet

  1. Gina says:

    Ha! I have to say I love that, even tho I am a fan of the fruitcakes from Colin Street bakery in Corsicana! Very cute and a holiday scene that brings a smile! (: And yes, I know what you mean about feeling like your daughter has it so much more together than you did at that age …

    • ancientcloth says:

      I had forgotten about that bakery….
      Like I said, I laughed when I saw the Christmas cards…it was
      so “off the wall” but so true… I hear more people say they do not
      care for fruitcake but, you and I like it : )
      I think our children are these little “teachers” that
      drop into our life lol! :)

  2. cicadiaxiii says:

    I love your picture. You have captured the spirit. I believe that Janet Bolton would be very pleased. She is a great inspiration!!!
    Your cake looks so yummy. And Peacan pie is my favorite. I would eat the whole thing too…and then some if I could get away with it.
    Happy Birthday to your daughter!!!

    • ancientcloth says:

      Thank you<3
      I was pleased with the way it turned out.
      Janet Bolton's work is fabulous!
      The cake was delicious and my daughter
      promptly "polished it off" within the day! I have
      had a couple of big pieces of that pie..yikes!
      I had to share some with a neighbor or I would eat more! : )

  3. Happy belated Birthday to your lovely daughter ! The cake looks and surely tasted delicious. Chocolate cakes are my favourites. Reading about Janet Bolton´s book rang a bell… Guess what I found on my bookshelf ? “Patchwork dans un verger” (patchwork in an orchard) by the same talented lady ! Thanks for reminding me I had this book ! ;) The fruitcake piece you are stitching is adorable !

    • ancientcloth says:

      Thank you, for my daughter. She ate that whole cake! I had one piece and she ate the rest!
      I can not make sweets for her…dangerous lol!
      Chocolates are my favorite too!
      I bet the book you have by Janet Bolton is delightful!
      Are you going to make something?
      I had fun making that “fruitcake” piece, and I finished it.
      Now, I just need to frame it.
      Thank you <3

  4. It must be a little bittersweet to watch your children growing older, leaving childhood behind. I can’t imagine how heart-wrenching that must be sometimes. But I’m with you, I think the children coming up today give us much to hope for. I worry that we are giving them a world with too many problems, but I look forward to seeing how their imaginations will transform that world into something wonderful. I know your children will be the ones we’ll be counting on. You have beautiful children, Marie, and I love knowing that they will carry all of YOUR goodness and kindness into the future. xo Kari

    • ancientcloth says:

      I can remember so clearly when the children were small and some of the sweet little
      things they would say….They always amaze me at their wisdom and I wish I was only
      half as aware as they are! They are very clear about what is happening in the world
      but, they face each day with courage and determination not to be “down” about the
      current state of affairs of the world.
      “Imagination” is such an important and powerful word. They need it everyday!
      Thank you Kari, my children give me such joy. I am filled with gratitude <3

  5. mendofleur says:

    This book is one of my favorites, too, by Janet Bolton. I love everything she does. I love your piece too. What a great idea to be inspired by a card. There are so many beautiful ones out here.

    What a great and caring mom you are. You seem to be so aware of how quickly these years move along and how important it is to cherish them.

    • ancientcloth says:

      It is funny where inspiration comes from and
      Janet Bolton is fabulous. Her book is filled with such good information
      and how-tos.
      It just seems time flies so quickly. I can remember being a small child
      and I remember my own children being small and now they
      are teenagers and grown up too. I remind myself to cherish each moment.
      Thank you <3

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