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As the winter draws closer wearing silver jewelry becomes less appealing…why? Because the metal is cold. So, I thought I would make something with a little more warmth.

I used wool as the foundation for this piece then added bits of precious fabric from:

I then took a piece of coffee dyed muslin and stamped it with this:

The stamp is from a poem by Elizabeth Barrett Browning: “How do I love thee…..”

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The button closure is a turquoise bead. I used black elastic cording for the hoop.

The button that I sewed on for decoration is from an old Tommy Bahama shirt. It is made from a coconut.

I added some beading for detail:

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This was a fun find:

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The two figures are from Yankee Candle. They really are diffusers but, I am not going to use them for that. I am working on a little vignette of Dia De Los Muertos. I plan on hanging the whole little vignette on the wall when it is done.


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This is my attempt at dying some muslin turquoise/teal. Very spotty but, good enough.

I wanted it to be lighter but, I think I will just go with it. I will be using it for a gift I am working on.

Lastly, I have chosen this new blog template and will be adding new details when I can.

Have a great week <3

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12 Responses to Make-Found-Create

  1. Chris Gray says:

    I love that cuff….

    …the words, colours and buttons are all just gorgeous..

    …and Yes!….it is too cold for metal now :-)

    • ancientcloth says:

      This was a fun and easy project. I enjoy making little things
      because it gives me that sense of accomplishment :)
      Every day it seems c-o-l-d-er brrrr. Winter is here…..
      I need warmth lol!
      Thank you!

  2. Ger says:

    Wonderful cuff…

  3. deb g says:

    Your cuff is fantastic!

  4. mendofleur says:

    Yes, I love your cuff. It is absolutely wonderful, all the elements and the color. It looks like it was a fun project to do also.

    I also love your new banner!

    • ancientcloth says:

      That banner came with the blog. I like the picture too…it could be a sunrise or sunset : )
      I am still working on putting my blog back together the way I want.
      The cuff was so much fun to make. Relatively fast and easy. I like that!
      Nice to see you stop by <3

  5. Your cuff reminded me of a journal page on cloth. Very inspiring. I love the closure with the turquoise bead, really sets it off. And the earth tones are warming.

    You have been so busy!!! I love seeing what you are up to.

  6. You have such wonderful ideas, Marie ! I love this “bracelet” or cuff :) How lovely to wear something warm and pretty around your wrist.

    • ancientcloth says:

      Hi Isabelle! :)
      I have been thinking of you and your beautiful pictures…
      I am grateful for your kind words and if in some small way I have inspired you then
      that is a gift to me!
      You have made my day! <3 Thank you!

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