“La Vie En Rose”

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I love the name of the song:

“La Vie En Rose”

It means, “Life in shades of Pink” or

“Looking at life through rose-colored glasses.”

I like the second meaning best because I just happen to have

a pair of rose-colored glasses

to help me see life as “rose-y”.

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and to celebrate my rosiest rose view of life I have gathered

3 very large rose pictures.

Photographs that are enlarged….

CC License View

These pictures will go in my newly painted living room to add some beauty.

CC License View

I also stitched a white rose on black….


CC License View

I know you can still see the chalk lines from my sketch….


The inspiration:

CC License View

a gift from my friend for Dia De los Muertos…

I do not want to show the whole picture because I think she

is using it as part of a project for a group of Artist.

Thank you Quilt Architect <3


I also finished reading Sabrina, and she mentions the song “La Vie En Rose”,

that they always play for the tourist in France.



Lastly, I have been working on a new scarf for daughter #1…..

CC License View

(a new picture of daughter #1)

a turquoise scarf for her for Christmas.



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8 Responses to “La Vie En Rose”

  1. Mary says:

    A beautiful scarf for a very beautiful daughter!
    Also love the Dia de los Muertos images…so fun!

    • ancientcloth says:

      It is so much fun to make things for my girls and thank you.
      She is such a sweetie.
      I am going to put together a little vignette of Dia de los Muertos
      in my home just because I think it is fun and colorful and a
      way to always remember those I love. <3

  2. deb g says:

    Wonderful scarf! I’m going to start crocheting a project for my mother soon…as soon as I finish the sweater!

  3. What a surprise to find your new blog :) I quite like this joyful look. I have not done any crocheting in years, your scarf is beautiful as is your daughter. She will love it :) La Vie en Rose… not a new song but one you hear with pleasure, always.

    • ancientcloth says:

      My new look is only temporary. WordPress sent a note saying my blog style was expiring
      and would be replaced by a new look, (which I did not like). So, I am using this until
      I decide what look I want. I thought the Holiday theme was rather warm and cozy :) too.
      My daughter is such a joy…thank you <3

  4. How disappointing that your header had to change from something you made to a generic one. It is still a warm header but I like your art work so much better.

    Your daughter is so lovely. I love her clothes/hair. The scarf is going to look beautiful on her.

    I love your white on black. Very nice interpretation/celebration for Day of the Dead.

    • ancientcloth says:

      Oh, I can change the header I just have not got to that yet. May do it this morning.

      Thank you regarding my daughter. I finally finished that scarf yesterday. <3

      Thank you for your kind words :)

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