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So, I have had a few days off and the word of the day is “beautify”.

Yep, I could no longer stand the “ugliness” of where I live so, a bucket of paint

has done wonders…magic actually!

Some times it is just the little things that can make a huge difference.

I know, one should do such a thing when the sashes can be thrown open and the smells

of Spring invade ones senses but, no not me…I decide to give in just as the rains and

potential snow begin to fly and it is c-o-l-d brrr!

I think it is because I can not stand another winter without feeling like I can

at least enjoy my space a bit.

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Also, I am throwing in a bit of Pierre Deux type colors…

a thrifty find!…

I am also going to use my Guatemalan fabric for pillows covers.

Guatemalan Fabric

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Also I am planning for the Holidays….

I am not obsessing in any way, just wanting to do a little at a time.

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wrapping my little finds for the children….

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I finally “unearthed” my fabrics that were stashed in boxes beside my desk…

talk about uninspiring! I could not see what I had and I  always had to go digging for what I wanted,

trying to remember what I have. The fabric is now neatly stacked on shelves by colorway…

Lastly, I am almost done with ALICE IN WONDERLAND.

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and now I will leave you with the words I have written on ALICE IN WONDRERLAND

“Is every moment of our lives built into us before we’re born?

If it is, does that make us less responsible for the things we do?

Or is responsibility built in too? After you hit the ball, do you stand and

wait to see if it goes out, or do you start running and let nature take its course?”


Have a great week!



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8 Responses to beautify

  1. soundstitches says:

    I like your fabric re-organization and photo. I recently did something similar by sorting dark in one area and light in another. –

    • ancientcloth says:

      I put the fabrics by colorway i.e. reds, oranges, blacks, etc. Now I can actually see what I
      have and be inspired. It feels good to get organized. : )

  2. deb g says:

    I find that if I want to be creative, I need to leave a space open for that to happen…a clean table. :)

    Have a good week, I’m off and running.

    • ancientcloth says:

      I always make it a habit to clear the desk before each new project,
      otherwise, I can’t think lol! : )
      Clean tables are good.
      You have a good week too!

  3. Oh , I love those French fabrics, we call them “provençal” (from the Provence area). Some day I must post the picture of a sampler I sewed years ago with this type of materials. My sewing table needs more space too. You inspire me:) Winter is the good time for clearing and creating new projects :)

    • ancientcloth says:

      I love those beautiful French Provencal colors. They make me happy.
      I would love to see your sampler. What fun!
      Clearing my sewing table/desk really helps me to focus.
      Thank you : )

  4. A fresh coat of paint is such a big lift. So glad you did this for you and your family. Winter tends to make me focus on getting things done that I had procrastinated about during the Summer. Way to go and just do it.
    I can’t wait to see all your improvements.

    • ancientcloth says:

      Sometimes you just have to “jump” in and work on those
      projects that have been postponed.
      Painting has been like a big, “aaahhhh”, very refreshing…just have a lot
      more to do but, that is ok. I will take it “one inch at a time.” (metaphorically speaking)

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