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A day to be grateful

CC License View I want to wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving and even if you do not celebrate then i wish you a Happy day! I have decided to take this day and write out all the things … Continue reading

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CC License View MAKE As the winter draws closer wearing silver jewelry becomes less appealing…why? Because the metal is cold. So, I thought I would make something with a little more warmth. I used wool as the foundation for this … Continue reading

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“La Vie En Rose”

CC License View I love the name of the song: “La Vie En Rose” It means, “Life in shades of Pink” or “Looking at life through rose-colored glasses.” I like the second meaning best because I just happen to have … Continue reading

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Just a little “notey”

I have been working a lot… When I returned to my little blog in “blog-o-sphere” land, I was informed that my WordPress style layout I had chosen would be changed within two weeks. I previewed the new layout and was … Continue reading

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CC License View So, I have had a few days off and the word of the day is “beautify”. Yep, I could no longer stand the “ugliness” of where I live so, a bucket of paint has done wonders…magic actually! … Continue reading

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Dia de los muertos

CC License View Today I lit a candle to remember my mother… Sometimes my daughters, do things that remind me of her and sometimes when I look in the mirror I see her staring back at me. She was one … Continue reading

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