Alice, Jack, Lucy, Sam and a Hookah smoking caterpillar


CC License View

the caterpillar ask Alice, “Who are you?”

CC License View

I cut out this Alice In Wonderland figure and have added lots

of words (not shown). This piece is more about the words than anything

else. I will share it with you when I have finished stitching.

CC License View

The hookah smoking caterpillar was intriguing to me…and his most

profound question of, “who are you?” lol!

Lots of stitching to do….

CC License View

Jack, the pumpkin….

has some new “woolly” friends


CC License View

“Sam” AKA “Radar”, the pig….(named by daughter #3)

he has a big ears and a straight tale.

CC License View

a little girl named, “Lucy”.

I embroidered her face and the crochet scarf was  from cotton yarn.  She is about 3 1/2 inches or so tall.


CC License View

All of them made from my recent found wool.

No real intention other than to see what I could make with the wool.

I have been focused on little projects because my time for creating is extremely limited these days.

I also, made a list recently of projects I have going.

I needed some clarity

so I can focus on finishing some things.

I have found that my bigger projects require large

amounts of fabric and I can not put the resources into that now but, eventually will.

Have a great week…

: )

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8 Responses to Alice, Jack, Lucy, Sam and a Hookah smoking caterpillar

  1. deb g says:

    So cute, that pig. It’s good to have a balance between small projects and the larger ones. Sometimes the time it takes to finish larger ones makes them all the better…

    • ancientcloth says:

      Good things are worth waiting for….i.e. large projects.
      They grow with character over time, right?

      Thank you : )

  2. I love your “little” projects, not so little really… Lucy is adorable, love her coiffure (hair style). I also have some big projects on stand by and enjoy sewing and completing the smaller ones as inspiration comes.

    • ancientcloth says:

      Thank you! I have missed your visits : )
      Those little braids are so funny to me but, I think
      that is what makes those little dolls cute.
      Since we are moving into winter, that may be
      a good time to get to those bigger projects?
      Good to know I am not alone lol!

  3. mendofleur says:

    I love your Alice in Wonderland project. I loved the movie and this looks like it will be a magical piece as well.

    • ancientcloth says:

      The newest movie was fun! I watched it with my daughter Sarah
      and a friend she had sleep over. It was “girls night out” lol!
      Popcorn too! : )

  4. I love what you do with printed images. You make them look relevant. Wonderful image of Wonderland.

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