I just had to…

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….create a little pumpkin quilt piece for this time of year.

You know me and pumpkins….


Just  a quick post to share a little something I am working on.

I was having a difficult time deciding what to do with the wool my daughters

and I picked up so, I sat back and thought about what things I really enjoy….

One is Outsider Art and Folk Art.

So, I drew my inspiration from that for this little piece I have begun.

Another thing I want to share with you is this lovely fabric sent by:



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If you have thought of getting some of her lovely fabric,

let me tell you it is such a treat and so worth it.

You will not me disappointed.

Each one sent has been a delight to open.

It is like opening a little piece of art!

CC License View

the underside of the fabric wrapped so beautifully.

CC License View

and the soft and silky fabric inside.

I Like that!


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6 Responses to I just had to…

  1. Gina says:

    What is is about pumpkins that make them so wonderful?…I love them, too! The shape, the taste, decorating with them, drawing them…they remind me of my favorite time of year!

    • ancientcloth says:

      The color of pumpkins just makes me smile!
      I feel like you do about them. Fall is my favorite time
      of year too. I love the changing leaves and the cool
      crisp sunny days. : )

  2. cicadiaxiii says:

    I love how your fabric stash is packaged. Really lovely. Also the pumpkin is such a celebration of the season. Nice.

    • ancientcloth says:

      Gerdiary has such a fabulous artistic way of presenting
      her lovely hand dyed fabrics. : )
      Sarah snapped that picture of pumpkins.
      We had fun<3

    • ancientcloth says:

      For some reason your little face/comment got thrown into spam when you sent it and
      I just found it…..

      What can I say, I love pumpkins : )

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