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Work is consuming most of my time these days and my time for creating is limited….

So, I have not been able to post as much as I would like to.

Anyway, I was inspired to create this piece, this morning…

The crow was inspired by a  Martha Stewart Halloween book I checked out from the library….

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I was sitting at my desk and looking at my pictures, etc. I hang above the desk

for inspiration…one thing I have is a bumper sticker that says:

The goddess is alive and magick is afoot.

I liked it when I saw it because I think women are not given enough credit

and who is to say who is in charge is not a women???? lol!

: )

I mean it is just a thought…besides, it makes me smile.

another bit of inspiration came from:

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some stitching…

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the skull is from some fabric I have that I used for Dia de los muertos or The Day of the Dead…

I wish this picture was not so crummy because I did some very fine stitching on the skull,

which I think is pretty nice…

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I have just a little more stitching to do on the right side of this picture…

At some point, I will try to post “clearer” pictures. It was dark when I was taking

the pictures.

Have a great day!


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6 Responses to Magick

  1. deb g says:

    I know about work getting busy! :) Your crows are always fun and I can almost see the stitching on the skull…

    • ancientcloth says:

      Yep, work can be time consuming and busy…
      I am having fun with the crow right now.
      I like the shape of it and it could represent so many things.
      Plus, I am intrigued by them in nature…I like to listen to them chatter
      and often wonder if they are warning each other that someone or something
      is present?

  2. cicadiaxiii says:

    I hope you think this is funny…but the way this world has become so topsy turvy if she, the goddess is in charge, I think she might be going through menopause…with all the heat flashes. (Meaning that it was a hot summer in a lot of areas this last summer.)

    I really like your used of colors.
    Great square!
    I saw the stitching on the skull, very nice.
    The crow is a nice stable character in your quilts and when I see one in a picture I think of you.

  3. The blog you referred to that inspired you ….What a treasure. Great snail cloths.

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