crows journey

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A new piece I am working on…

called “crows journey”

The little fern-looking piece was part of my erosion bundle….

it needed more “erosion time”  lol.

Next time….

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I love this tiny little print…It reminds me of CROWS….

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I have been busy lately but, I am working on some fun things to share

at some point.

I am reading the book SABRINA , the movie with Harrison Ford and Julia Ormond…every woman

needs a little romance  ; )


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12 Responses to crows journey

  1. Mary says:

    Love your stitching..that fabric is WonderFul!
    Your symbols always resonate with me…kindred spirits from long ago…?
    Loved both Sabrina movies….

    • ancientcloth says:

      I was looking at my “stash” of fabrics and I have
      determined I am a color gal…I need to add more neutrals
      for the fun of it.
      We are kindred spirits….yes, long ago <3
      I loved the new Sabrina movie because of the humor.
      I need lighthearted things that make me smile or laugh.
      Thank you<3 xo

  2. deb g says:

    I’ve never seen either of the movies for some reason, might have to fix that. That crow looks like it’s dancing!

    • ancientcloth says:

      Oh, I think you would enjoy them. I especially like the newer one because
      of the humor and romance. Yes, I agree that crow does look like he/she is dancing….
      It’s a “crow dance” : )

  3. Karen Turner says:

    I like the crow fabric – especially the little foot prints.

  4. chris gray says:

    I REALLY love that little crow panel!!


    …yet powerful…

    ..all at the same time.

    • ancientcloth says:

      That is one favorites too!
      I just like the crow and the symbol of the crow.
      I like how one little element can make a difference.
      Thank you : )

  5. mendofleur says:

    Those beads look familiar! I think fall is always a busy time of year as we are thinking of getting ready for a long winter.

    • ancientcloth says:

      mhm…my favorite <3
      It seems there is a lot to do before
      the winter sets in. But, truly Fall is
      my favorite season. I love the colors
      pumpkins, Halloween, etc.

  6. cicadiaxiii says:

    I love your little slow cloths, they have such a human hand to them. I drink that in.

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