sea glass, ducky suprise and stitching…

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my little beginning of a collection of sea glass…

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This is a picture from a book I checked out from the library.

It is a lovely book called:

A Passion For Sea Glass

by C.S. Lambert Photography by Amy A. Wilton

The simple dish contains found objects that represent the

five elements earth, water (sea glass), fire, metal and air.

If you are a collector; I recommend this book.

I learned some things I did not know.

There are people who are passionate collectors of sea glass and it is not just

glass, but pottery shards, spoons, etc.

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The girls and I went “thrifting” with the intention of finding some

things for a school project. No luck with the school project but,

daughter #3 found this weather duck. It appears to be old but,

I can not figure out much more about it.

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you may remember this piece:

“Pseudo making”

Sometimes I make things I simply do not like and it goes in a pile of

quilt pieces that is the “no likey” pile until I figure out what I am going

to do with them.

I decided to cut this piece up and re-work it.

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I added a labyrinth piece and stitched a spiral….

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I also stamped another crow….I like “3”s….

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I stamped some feathers and added a lot more stitching….

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It does not have a name or some deep meaning….I just like the way it came together

and I will be including it in the “dark” colored quilt.

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12 Responses to sea glass, ducky suprise and stitching…

  1. chris gray says:

    ..that is one lovely panel! :-)

  2. mendofleur says:

    Such a great piece this is! I like the way you have used all the elements and the colors, stitching, and symbolism. I, too, love sea glass.

    • ancientcloth says:

      I really learned a lot from the sea glass book. One thing I did not mention was
      Victorian tear drop holders that were part of a sea glass collection. They were found
      in tact. I thought what are these for? They were for women whose husbands had gone
      away and every time they cried over their beloved they would put the tears in the glass vile.
      When the tears would dry up they say the husband would return…quite interesting.
      It was fun to see my little quilt piece go from something I did not like to something I was happy with. : )

      • deb g says:

        Oh that is interesting! I have a lot of sea glass, I pick it up whenever I see it and keep it in jars. Some of the most interesting pieces are the pottery shards.

      • ancientcloth says:

        I wish I lived near the ocean because I would be there quite a lot.
        Of course I would always be “treasure hunting”.
        : )
        Pottery shards would be fun to find…you will have to snap a picture some
        day and share your finds.

  3. When my little girl Sarah was a baby she used to bring me little rocks and tell me they were money. I love that. Then I read the children’s book Roxaboxen. Take a look.
    When we moved to the Hat Creek, CA there were little pieces of black obsidian. It is a naturally made glass. My kids would collect them and play that the little shards were money. One time Isaac found one cut into the shape of an arrowhead. That was a treasure.
    Now when I am walking on the beach I look for sea glass. If I find some that hasn’t been polished long enough I just throw it back in. But if I find some that has relief of words or writing…I value those more highly. Also green glass gets more points as does purple, which I have only found once.
    I enjoyed your sea glass picture. I love the arrangement in the plate. I like the patina of the plate…at first I thought it was yours and a little jealousy came up in me…lol.
    It is fun to find things at thrift/antique stores. We used to go looking more than we do now. Now it seems to find us and we need to shed things.

    The blue in your piece you set aside is lovely. I know you didn’t want that to get away. Good that you gave it a rest and came back to it with a fresh eye. Very nice. Reminds me of the Mexican shrines.

    • ancientcloth says:

      Children are so sweet. I love the way their little eyes see the world.
      I love that about my children now. They always show me new ways to “see” things.
      I am laughing…because that arrangement in the plate was from the book…no need
      to be jealous…lol : )
      I love thrift stores….lots of treasures to find. But, I only gather certain things.

      • Julia Moore says:

        I like how you reworked the “no-likey” piece. I was tripping on the numbers–1 labyrinth circle, 2 feathers, 3 crows, etc., etc., I got all the way to 7, then I couldn’t find anything there was 8 of, oh well, I had fun.

      • ancientcloth says:

        Ha! That is funny about the numbers because I do the same thing when I look at things…too
        funny : )
        hmmm, now I am going to have to look at that piece again and see if I can find 8 lol!

  4. Gilli says:

    I absolutely love the three crows piece. I have little groupings of 3 crows all over my house. Very meaningful to me as well.

    • ancientcloth says:

      Thank you so much. There is something about crows that I am fascinated by.
      When I hear them or see them I feel they are messengers of some sort…plus
      it just makes me smile. : )

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