she’s becoming…

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a pumpkin doll.

It is kind of hard to see but, I love the way her face turned

out “grandmotherly”. She has this warm, endearing face.

(well, at least I think so.)

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remember this?

I wanted to create a “Santos” or angel doll that I had seen and I was using  a pattern

I bought many years ago to try and re-create the doll I wanted….

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the company is no longer in business and this pattern was created by

Nicol Sayre.

I have made several of these over the years as gifts but, never kept one for

myself and I decided to re-do the angel doll into the pumpkin doll.

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She is one tall girl….just about 30″.

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My first attempt at onion skin dye. I did not have nearly enough onion skins but, I will say

that the water was a lovely orange and I decided to throw a touch of tumeric in it,

hence the yellow-ish color. I will use this piece on the skirt of the dress for the pumpkin doll

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I do not think I shared my fun find…this lovely hand painted crochet  hook carved from bamboo.

The original price for this little leopard lovely was $30 but, I got it for a mere $5. My favorite

yarn store is no longer carrying them so they priced them to sell right away. Yay me!

CC License View

I will be working on the doll dress and spirit roots today.

Hope you have a lovely day filled with family and love…


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4 Responses to she’s becoming…

  1. mendofleur says:

    What fun! That is a big doll. I love the face too. I think your dyeing with the onion skins turned out very well. Can’t wait to see the festive pumpkin doll finished.

    • ancientcloth says:

      I have wanted to make myself one of those dolls for Fall for years and
      I am having great fun with it. The skirt is taking longer to stitch because
      I am piecing it together. The onion skin dyed piece will have some sort
      of writing on it that I will attach to the skirt.

  2. deb g says:

    Oh how perfect that you are dyeing some of the fabric! She is going to be so much fun.

    • ancientcloth says:

      I had read something on a blog about a woman who only
      uses natural dyes and salt as a “fixative” (I guess that’s
      what you call it?) Anyway, I decided the onion skin must
      be pretty easy and it was…the only problem is I should
      have had more onion skins. But, it was fun anyway and I
      am enjoying the doll making process. I will embroider or write
      words on the onion skin dyed fabric and attach it to her skirt.

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