a little more

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I picked up “pseudo making”

and worked on that piece for a little bit adding beads and some

fun  quick stitching.

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I have to say these are my favorite little beads…you know how it is???

They are little metal beads that are colored turquoise and just to touch

them is…well, you know how it is.

We crafters have our favorites.

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stitching the little wing…

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I used this variegated thread…

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I also picked up this piece and stitched a “soft” LOVE.

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This is part of a tea cozy I have been working on for too long.

I am determined to get some of these projects done.

I also worked on the “little bird” gift but, I do not want

to show that one again until I know the recipient has received it.

Have a great day.


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4 Responses to a little more

  1. Gina says:

    That roses fabric is so English and beautiful. What is the meaning behind the tourquise X on the heart? Lovely…

    • ancientcloth says:

      I am almost done with “pseudo making”
      and I will explain a little behind the making when I
      post it but,
      it really is open to whatever a person “sees.”
      I love that big cabbage-looking rose print too…
      like you say, very English <3

  2. Karen Turner says:

    What a pleasure to see these little stitching thoughts.

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