quiet day…

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My daughters grabbed the camera and they were off with their friends….

We all realize that Summer is almost done….

sad : (

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#2 daughter (on the right) was gone for a week and the girls really miss one another

when they are apart, so of course it is picture time lol!

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They took pictures of flowers…

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hydrangeas are my favorite flower in the summer…just beautiful!

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I decided I needed time by the water…so, I took some books and a sheet and sat

out…no other people around. To me it was a perfect day. The weather was cool, like Fall.

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I was not completely alone…I did have the birds.

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directly above me was the sun with a rainbow around it???? Explain????

I took it as a good “sign” for something? What? I am not sure…..

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I did work on this too! Almost done with it…

Lastly, I did a bit of stitching at home and I hope to share that later today.

I am busy today but, hopefully I can fit sharing  that into my schedule.

: )

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6 Responses to quiet day…

  1. Suzanna says:

    A day at the beach…sounds grand!

  2. mendofleur says:

    It definitely is time to get to the seashore before the cold and fall and winter weather set in. Your girls are charming. I love seeing photos of them.

    • ancientcloth says:

      Yes, I feel the cooler weather is creeping up behind us…yikes!
      It seems after the 4th of July the Summer begins to wane away.
      Thank you regarding the girls. They have delightful personalities.
      Each one very unique but, a nice balance for each other.
      : )

  3. deb g says:

    Just right…all of it. Love the picture of the sun.

    • ancientcloth says:

      That picture of the sun is amazing to me because that ring around
      the sun was only there for a few moments. Thank you.

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