a scarf and stars…

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I finally completed the silk and bamboo scarf.

I love the texture…very soft and silky and so easy to work with.

I basically created my own crochet scarf  that was inspired

by this:


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Me wearing my new scarf and a little “starry” magical background created by my #3 daughter.

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Also finishing up the purse that was suppose to be done at Christmas, for my #2

daughter. Oh yeah, it will be completed on time for her birthday. (smiles!)

My goal is to finish projects I have begun.

The problem is the ideas come faster than the hands…lol!

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12 Responses to a scarf and stars…

  1. deb g says:

    Oh I nevvver have that problem. :)

    Scarf looks great!

    • ancientcloth says:

      Ha! I am laughing….
      Thank you I wanted a scarf that was lightweight and
      felt “cool”. I look forward to experimenting with different
      yarns. : )

  2. Karen Turner says:

    Yes, I know what you mean – if only my hands could keep up with my head! An admirable plan to finish all those projects.

  3. Gina says:

    That is one beauty of a scarf – love the color on you! My problem is similar – I have an idea, and get started on it so fast I make mistakes. A learning thing, but if I would slow down, there wouldn’t be so much learning necessary!!

    • ancientcloth says:

      Thank you <3 . Green seems to be my favorite color lately.
      I am attracted to all things green…very healing.
      I know, as moms we feel so rushed to get things accomplished. I have
      to remind myself to take a deep breath and slow down.
      : )

  4. mendofleur says:

    Such a beautiful scarf and model. You are so tiny! I love the color of the scarf, and the handbag is great, the colors are so much fun.

    • ancientcloth says:

      Oh, thank you : )
      You are tiny too! <3 Green is my favorite color right now.
      It just seems so healing and peaceful so, I am finding
      that I am drawn to it in all things…even food.

  5. Scarf is beautiful. I really like the purse. I will have to show Catherine. Nice to get project done. And it is surprising just how close they were to being finished when we leave them for a bit.

    • ancientcloth says:

      Thanks…the scarf is so silky and #2 daughter loves her new purse.
      She loves to remind me how long it took me to complete but, hey
      that was a lot of beading and handwork….and love too! <3

  6. Very pretty purse for your daughter. The green scarf looks soft and cosy around your neck. I also believe in the healing power of this colour, in nature or around me at home.

    • ancientcloth says:

      My daughter was so sweet about the long wait. The colors
      of the purse are happy and cheerful, just like her.
      Colors are a powerful thing…can be very healing.
      Thank you <3

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