CC License View

This is a re-do of a piece called “pseudo making”….

Yes, I know the black between the teeth is too much…I am going to tone it down.

CC License View

I am no where near done with this piece,  just thought I would show a bit of it…..

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8 Responses to smile

  1. I read an experienced painter say that teeth were hard to do. When I saw you mouth I thought, “Wow, she did it perfectly.”

    I am always inspired by your art. You mix classical with a punch. I mean the clouds look classical and then punch…the lips. Fantastic!!!

  2. deb g says:

    Laughing…what if the white is too much? Ever notice how much whiter the teeth of children are? No coffee… :)

    • ancientcloth says:

      mhm…I have noticed how white children s teeth are…
      But, I l-o-v-e my coffee! : )
      I know can we ever get it balanced???? lol! (the white)

  3. mendofleur says:

    I think the teeth are great! I would never even try this, so you are not only successful, you are brave.

    • ancientcloth says:

      I am so happy you are back : )
      You have made my day….I like that…”successful and brave” too! <3

  4. julia moore says:

    Yes, teeth, lips and mouths in general are one of the hardest features to render in fiber art. I am working on some lips right now, and feeling challenged. One thing I have noticed is that the space between the top and bottom teeth can be darker. Using the same red as for the lips doesn’t work. Even though you “know” the tongue is red, it is in the shadowy cave of the mouth, so appears darker. And for the spaces between each tooth, sometimes white embroidery floss works, because it makes enough shadow to create the impression of space. Keep smilin’!

    • ancientcloth says:

      Thanks for your thoughts about the lips and teeth, I will keep at it until I get it the way I want…will have to come
      visit you : )

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