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I named this piece “FACING FEARS”…..

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I am using it to represent all fears big or small.  I was inspired to create it after

reading a post by:


He speaks of being afraid of the image and by stitching it he overcame

his fears….

It was so much  fun to stitch because I used so many different colors

of thread…

sometimes the best way to face fears is to walk straight into them.

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12 Responses to diablo

  1. deb g says:

    It’s funny…I like this one better from a distance.

  2. Chris Mundy says:

    Nice work on Lucifer! I’m enjoying that.

    • ancientcloth says:

      Thank you! All the different colors kept it interesting
      for me to stitch. Glad you visited…you have a lovely blog : )

  3. mendofleur says:

    Facing fears is always such a challenge and yet seems to be one we all face at differing times in our lives.

    I have been gone for so long, I find it fun to see what everyone is doing these days. Love your stitching and the way you are reaching through your fears in this way. Inspiring.

    • ancientcloth says:

      I am so happy you are back! I have missed you<3
      Yes, fears big or small are something we must all deal with at different times.
      I thought the gentleman at flying haystacks expressed something I had felt
      in the past regarding that symbol or face and he speaks of how by stitching the image over a period of weeks
      he Slowly but surely stopped being scared.” Now, I ‘own’ that image. I made it. I’m in control. I have the power.”
      and he said he was no longer afraid.
      Thank you!

  4. Ger says:

    Might there be a resemblance to your own face…? – pardon me for asking, if it´s not ;) – but I thought so, seeing it next to your photo… – spotted the acorns, too – picked some up on a walk myself, cherished harbingers of autumn…

    • ancientcloth says:

      hmmmm….I hope I do not look that way!
      Love the acorns and sticks…ahhh nature : )

      • Ger says:

        No, you don´t look that way… it´s just a matter of face proportions I guess… ;)

      • ancientcloth says:

        A lot of times when I have painted a picture I can see a little of myself in the
        painting especially if it is a face. I do not mean to…it just happens so maybe
        that is what you are seeing? We put ourselves into what we create perhaps.
        : )

  5. I love the use of blue in the face. It is very powerful and yet I agree that the more we face our fears the more manageable they become.

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