the creative side

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I have beaded some eyes for the face I am working on….

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I am considering beading her entire face????

The tricky part will be finding beads to match the face.

No luck locally.

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some new crocheting has begun and yes it is 100% wool.

The selection locally is well….”yucky” to be precise.

Nothing but acrylic!!!!! And for those who love acrylic ~ no offense.

I love the feel of some of it just not the idea of sleeping under it.

I am going to have to travel outside of the area to find great beads and yarn.

That will probably be a while….

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I just finished this book.

Scott is one of my favorite new -to-me

authors.  This is the final book

in the Uglies series, you know the one I told

you about? For teens.

This is a good summary, if you are interested:…

So there you have it!

Yes, I have been busy, very busy!

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4 Responses to the creative side

  1. Chris Gray says:

    You could dye some beads….use white or cream ones …put them in a plastic bag with a blob of pink/skin tone acrylic paint and crunch them around until they’re all covered. (not too much paint!!). Leave them to dry on a piece of silicon/freezer paper and YEY! you’ve got the colour you need.

    AS for the wool….

    …maybe it’s time to start spinning :-)))

    • ancientcloth says:

      Thank you for that bead idea! I would never have
      thought of that one… I may go that direction : )
      I would love to learn to spin but, I have sooo many projects
      I want to do and I am afraid I would “fall in love” with it
      and then I would be pulled into another creative area
      and divided. So many projects…too little time :(

  2. Chris Gray says:

    “So many projects…too little time :(”

    ..yup!…I know that one too :-))

    • ancientcloth says:

      It is hard to pick and choose what to do…I have so many
      ideas…sigh…but, ultimately I say whatever needs to be
      done will be done. Right : )

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