beaded lips

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new project…I am beading lips at the moment.

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inspired by this book…

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I love the beautiful African beading….


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I was thinking about my creative endeavors and what I actually began with and that

was beading. I still enjoy  beading, just wish I could see better.

Anyway, I love combining the beading with the quilting.

I added this site to my blog roll:…


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6 Responses to beaded lips

  1. deb g says:

    Now that’s texture!

  2. arlee/albedo says:

    luscious lips!

    love adding beads to mine too–and why as we get older and have lessening vision do we do this to ourselves??? get yourself a pair of cheap readers and use ’em–i have 2.5 for fine work :)

    • ancientcloth says:

      Ha! I am laughing because I think the same thing about why I want to do all this “fine” work
      and cannot see well, which can be frustrating at times. I also have the
      cheap 2.5 glasses for the fine work. Great minds think a like!
      Thank you! : )

  3. mendofleur says:

    This is so true. The older we get, the more we want to do more detailed and fine work. Your lips and the beading of half is such a great image.

    • ancientcloth says:

      I think we want to do the detailed, fine work
      because we become ( more) patient as we grow
      older. The lips are fun to bead. I wanted to get
      to a bead shop that might have the color of the skin
      and perhaps bead the entire face??? We will see???

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