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She lay in bed listening…

to the steady wind of thoughts that rustled through the leaves

that swayed back and forth through the mighty trees.

She wondered why?

Why did the thoughts flow like a gushing river?

“I am tired.”

“Let me sleep.”


more thoughts….

Pounding against the shore of her mind

Until she is gone.



………..Sound asleep!

: )

I wrote this quick little poem last night because the words came to me as I lay awake

one night trying to rest. My body was tired but, not my mind. You know one of those

kind of restless nights.

My two youngest daughters delight , no actually, roll with laughter when I try to

pronounce certain words. One of those words is “poem”.

My daughters will come to me sometimes when they want a good laugh

and ask me to say certain words that they know I can not pronounce with

a proper English accent. For you see my southern drawl likes to sneek

through and my daughters roar with laughter, which is then proceeded


by an English lesson from my daughters. We all laugh and have such

a good time.

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my two (bigger than me) “little monkeys”

daughter number 3 and 2.

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Yesterday I had high hopes to get a lot of stitching done but,

somehow I only managed a small bit.  Like the picture above

sometimes I feel “caught” in between the darkness and light…

the restless and the calm.

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14 Responses to Poem

  1. Gina says:

    Love the pic of the girls – it’s frame-worthy! As I get older, I notice I don’t fall into a “coma” so easily – maybe because the kids are older and I am not so exhausted. There’s a whole new slew of things to worry about now, too. Plus, for some reason I can’t sleep late – my internal clock wakes me up earlier than everyone else!

    • ancientcloth says:

      Thank you regarding the picture of the girls! <3 I have the same issue
      with sleeping and resting…agreed about the "worry thing". And sleep
      late, well only on rare occasions. I am up before the roosters. lol!
      : )

  2. chris gray says:

    ..a lovely little piece of stitching…..

    …I do so love running stitch!

    Sleep is difficult here sometimes too… light from about 3.30 am, and the body clock gets very confused …

    ..and say “Hi” to the pretty monkeys for me :-)

    • ancientcloth says:

      I think the running stitch is my favorite.
      It is light here around 4:30ish and I agree the body
      clock does get a bit confused.
      Thank you for your nice <3 comment and I shall
      tell my daughters aka "monkeys" "Hi" from you.

  3. Your daughters are so sweet…and their little freckles are peeking out on their noses so prettily. I used to have cousins in South Carlina that used to laugh at me for the way I said my words with a long draw. My father was from TX and so even to their ears I sounded funny. They would go into hysterics. I kinda enjoyed the attention but really was jealous that they could enjoy such a belly laugh and I couldn’t really “hear” it like they did.

    Running stitches are so rhythmic like a poem. I like your poem and can totally relate. I have at times like that worked on some memory work…at least it would change my focus. At other times I would also pray and that helped as well.

    • ancientcloth says:

      My daughters lament about their freckles but, I politely
      tell them that I had them at their age and I show them
      that the freckles disappeared on me. I think the freckles are pretty
      but, they tell me it is my fault they have the freckles lol!
      I know the southern “drawl” , as I call it is rather amusing.
      I running stitch is easy and quick. I think of it as my “filler” stitch.
      I like your analogy of the running stitch being like a poem….thank you : )

  4. Julia Moore says:

    Wow! If you knew how many sleepless nights I have had lately! This poem is so perfect for how I feel. Thank you for it. And also, I like your heart of steel. It goes along with how I need to approach life right now. How did you know? You are psychic. Hey, where is your other blog? I can’t find it,…you know, the one that shares your more spiritual thoughts and activites. Please reresh my memory.

    • ancientcloth says:

      I sense that the “sleepless thing” is going around a lot…
      for all of us now….
      : )
      The heart of steel feels appropriate for me too!
      My other blog is: Circle of feathers

  5. deb g says:

    The light really does make sleeping hard this time of year… What a beautiful picture of your daughters.

    • ancientcloth says:

      Oh thank you! They are so much fun!
      They make me laugh and always show me
      new ways of looking at things.
      : )

  6. I imagine how your daughters would laugh at my French accent as I pronounce some impossible words for me…. They are so sweet, we would all laugh together before the English lesson :) Sleep is another story… not so easy to find any longer. I quilt in my mind sometimes, new inspiration for the next day :)

    • ancientcloth says:

      I am sure they would be delighted to meet you!
      I am sure they would giggle and laugh and have
      so much fun but, they would not laugh at you…only me!
      Thank you…they are such sweethearts…all 3 of them <3
      That is a good idea…quilting in my mind if I can not sleep…
      I like that! : )

  7. mendofleur says:

    Such a sweet post and beautiful photo of your daughters.

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