all I could do…

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I finished crocheting this little square.

It is all I could do because I ran out of yarn.

I did not have any sort of plan when I began and the size and  width, is just

random. This was my beginners project, you could say. I love the variegated

colors…it kept my interest.

Now my goal is to buy whatever yarn I fancy, 1 skein at a time and make

big squares and eventually stitch them all together for a big blanket.

That seems useful and I like that!

I have a new post here:

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All my favorite colors in one spot!

: )

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12 Responses to all I could do…

  1. Gina says:

    A quilt out of colorful yarn – I like that, too! My Albanian friend taught me how to do basic crochet and I have no idea what to do with the piece I made…

    • ancientcloth says:

      I did not know what to do either so, since I really have not
      learned any other stitches I thought I would just go with what
      I know at the moment and create something simple. I like that
      idea of a “quilt” of colorful yarn :)

  2. karen says:

    lovely work Marie, the variagated yarn creates such a great effect, your balnket will be amazing.

  3. Suzanna says:

    What a good idea!

  4. pamela says:

    I am a devoted knitter, but a complete ignoramus at crocheting. This is lovely, and impressive!

    • ancientcloth says:

      (I am smiling….)
      I think knitting is so lovely and I have tried
      it but, it felt awkward to me. I am sure if I would
      just be patient and try to commit myself to it I would
      “catch on”. Crocheting is so
      simple and no pointed ends…lol, which is good for me.
      : )
      Thank you <3

  5. Deb G says:

    The variegation in this yarn makes a fun pattern. What a great blanket it would make!

    • ancientcloth says:

      I have found that the variegated thread and
      yarn really keep my attention…it is fun for me
      and I love the patterns it created. I thought
      of you as I was crocheting…
      : )

  6. mendofleur says:

    I have to send you a blog sight where the writer shows all these beautiful crochet pieces, blankets, etc. Yes, this would be so beautiful as a blanket. Was this difficult to learn? Many years ago I crocheted a rug, maybe 30, and I know longer remember how to do it. It must be very relaxing.

    • ancientcloth says:

      I would love to see the blog you mentioned.
      It is funny because a long time ago I attempted
      to crochet and knit and found that I was not
      really successful at either but recently, while visiting my
      children and family I decided I would run to a store
      and pick up some yarn and a crochet hook to have
      on the plane. I just sat down and literally began crocheting… It was not hard…go figure???
      I just wanted something to help me relax and yes it is very soothing.
      You must try again : )

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