A nail and symbol

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a nail…

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and a new symbol added to my cloth piece.

My days are incredibly busy-er now but, I have promised myself not to let

my passion for creativity be put aside. So, I am finding little moments to

fit things in. I know we all face trying to balance everything….

Something I wanted to share was from this book:

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a quote from the book…

” Be lavish with love. Its  the only treasure which multiplies when shared, the only gift which increases when

we give it away.” “Love freely given connects with the life force in another. It is the necessary ingredient in

all healing.”

I just thought it was a beautiful quote and wanted to share it.

speaking of love…


Lastly, this link was sent to me and I found her words inspirational:


Sometimes I feel we can judge ourselves so harshly and do not see the beauty of our art….

just a thought…

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8 Responses to A nail and symbol

  1. Deb G says:

    And thinking…what a difference it makes if we approach something with love in our heart.

    • ancientcloth says:

      It makes such a big difference. Who can stand
      in the presence of
      a loving heart
      : )
      ….unkindness disappears or is
      changed into something

  2. mendofleur says:

    What an absolutely beautiful and strong quote. I am very interested in getting this book. This woman was made for Issey Miyake clothing too!

    Deb also said something that rings so true as well.

    I hope you are managing all you have to do. It is important to try and give yourself the honor of creative time whether that be reading or hand work.

    I looked at Kathy, the artist that you mentioned. Her art is amazing and I am astonished that anyone would even question her validity. I wonder what happened.

    • ancientcloth says:

      I agree with you about Kathy’s work…sometimes it takes one little word
      and I know in the past I had this tendency
      to be like a little
      crab and run for cover…lol!
      I think you would enjoy Oonagh’s book. She has lived a very interesting life.
      A Renaissance woman for sure. I loved the picture on the front cover and I
      love Issey Miyake clothing…very much a piece of art. Love in our heart is a good
      reminder. So far I am managing but, it is a lot…sigh! What brightens my day is all
      of you <3 (smiles!)

  3. Your nail is very real-looking! And I love that quote about love being the only gift that increases when we give it away. That is something to think about every single day. It reminds me, a little off-subject, of broken crayons. My first-graders used to bring me their broken crayons, wanting new ones, and I always told them that crayons were one of the few things in life that kept on working, like magic, even when broken. A little love and a few broken things that keep on working, and every day will be brighter!! xo Kari

    • ancientcloth says:

      Oh I love that thought about crayons! What a beautiful perspective you
      taught those children. You gave them such a beautiful way to look at
      what they had. Instead of the glass half empty…it is half full. I am sure
      those little lessons have been carried with those children. I know you are
      retired but I just want to say that all the teachers I have ever known are truly
      angels and as far as I am concerned they should make many
      times what they are paid! :) <3
      p.s. Shading with thread really seems to help give the nail a realistic look, i think. Thank you.
      I love that quote by Oonagh!

  4. Darlene says:

    You have a lovely and inspiring place to visit!

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