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This is a large painting I did long ago…it was a gift….

I was sent this link:

(thank you Quilt Architect)

I think this blog is a “keeper”.

Check it out:


note: I finished the second book called “Pretties” in the teen series.

shhh! I am reading the third and final book in the series now.

Have a great day!

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4 Responses to busy…

  1. Very sweet Madonna and I love the halo! You make me realize I have never studied halos and aureoles and all the possibilities for variation. You make me want to experiment with fabrics and patterns! xo Kari

    • ancientcloth says:

      Oh Kari, what a sweet thing to say! This picture was really big and went to someone
      who put it in her formal dining room. When I first became fascinated with painting
      Madonna’s I realized there were many ways to represent to auric field…
      : ) <3

  2. julia Moore says:

    Hi Marie, I did visit Iona’s blog. Very nice. I will go back there many times.
    I love the Madonna image. Was this from a time before you knew consciously that she was a Goddess?
    I read somewhere that the Madonna and Child are exchanging their breaths, as she holds him in her arms with his face turned up to her, and that, by extension, the Great Mother is holding each of us in her arms and we are exchanging breaths with her, if we just remember it is so. This is one of the things the Madonna and Child portraits are trying to remind us of. I like that idea.

    • ancientcloth says:

      As I recall when I painted that picture I painted her to represent the “feminine energy”…
      Although I knew about the goddess…I just kept thinking “feminine energy”. The person
      Who I gave it to would not have understood any of that at all. What a beautiful description
      you have given of exchanging breaths! I love that! I want to remember that…so true!
      Thank you for sharing that insight! : ) beautiful! <3

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