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I had the day off so, I thought I would go to a local farm that grows seedlings

to sell to the public. I thought I would look for some herbs….

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It was so fabulous to walk through the green houses and smell the “earthy” smells

and see all of the new “life”…..

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the flowers were beautiful….

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This particular farm has a wonderful little store that sells fresh baked pies, cookies,

and breads along with fresh vegetables and fruits grown on the farm.

If you get there early enough you can catch produce that has been marked

down to mere “cents”  just because it is a few days old.

On the weekends fresh  fish is brought  from the seacoast to sell!

I brought home some sage, rosemary,  chives, basil,

watermelon, pickling cucumbers and lavender for a gift

to a neighbor for Mother’s day.

I hope to be stitching today and I will have something to share soon.

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2 Responses to farm

  1. Deb G says:

    I used to work in a nursery that looked a lot like that…fun days mostly.

    • ancientcloth says:

      I think it would be so healing to work in that kind
      of environment. I have a friend who is a “master
      gardener” and she works in a farm greenhouse
      situation seasonally and loves it!

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