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(A small painting I did last year called, “Bloomsbury egg”.)

Well, I could not photograph a picture of “spirit roots” , a new piece I am working

on because I ran out of batteries. Oh, and it is not because I  do not keep extra

batteries on hand…It is just that I have a son who quietly comes and takes

my stash of camera batteries for his xbox 360 wireless controller and he forgets

to mention that small little fact!

It is ok…

: )

CC License View

This is a larger painting I did called “Bloomsbury”

and in case you are wondering…these pieces are named after the Bloomsbury artist.

A wonderful post can be found here at Mendofleur:

CC License View

The cloth interpretation of “Bloomsbury egg”, I did.

CC License View

CC License View

A cloth interpretation of the painting I did called, “Bloomsbury”.

CC License View

I am still working on this piece…It just needs a lot of embroidery.

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14 Responses to Bloomsbury…

  1. Chris Gray says: the colours in these pieces…

    …have fun with the embroidery :-)

    • ancientcloth says:

      Thank you so much! : )
      I have a lot of stitching to do on the bloomsbury cloth…
      it might take a while…s-l-o-w.

  2. pamela says:

    Charleston farmhouse continues to inspire, doesn’t it? These are lovely!

    • ancientcloth says:

      I try to imagine this group of artist and what it must have been like
      to be at gatherings with them. I am sure it was “colorful” and fun!
      Yes, definitely a source of inspiration….
      Thank you : )

  3. Deb G says:

    It’s always so interesting to see the different stages and pieces of creation… Really like your “Bloomsbury” painting.

    • ancientcloth says:

      I think it would be fun to do a whole quilt called “Bloomsbury” but, my ideas are more
      numerous then the time to put into them. LOL! Thank you! : )

  4. I love the Bloomsbury writers and artists! And I do think you have captured the feel of the art that they created, and all the swirls and flowers and fabrics that Vanessa Bell especially put into her paintings. I wish I could eavesdrop upon one of their gatherings from back then and listen to what they were saying about art and writing and life! xo Kari

    • ancientcloth says:

      That is what I did…I imagined myself in that setting and what it was like
      to paint , sew and stitch and making do with what was at hand. I imagine
      they were very resourceful. It would be fun to eavesdrop on them : )
      Thank you! <3

  5. mendofleur says:

    Amazing!!! I am absolutely blown away by what you are doing here! Wow. Let me just say, with all honesty, I think this is the closest anyone has come in textiles and stitching to their art. I love, love what you are doing. What a fun surprise to pay you a visit and see these joyful and well-loved designs that you are doing. Then I paged down and saw your other designs, and I must say that you are definitely on a roll with something here. Your work is taking on so much character and originality and strength, I hardly know what to say to convey the way I feel about it. So now I am very curious, how did you come to these really fine designs? What were you thinking about when you did them? The sense you have of these designs is really great!

    Also, thank you for referencing my post on Bloomsbury, but I think you have the key to their interpretation and magic. I am so excited to see these. Also I am thinking you could reproduce these in a fabric design or a stencil design too. Yum!

    • ancientcloth says:

      Oh my…thank you but, I must confess that many years ago…
      early 1980’s I worked at Laura Ashley. This is when I first learned about
      the Bloomsbury group. I had never heard of The Bloomsbury group until Mrs. Ashley came
      out with a collection of fabrics and wallpaper honoring this group of artist.
      This is my interpretation of
      what I saw and remembered from my experience and books I have
      owned in the past. I had even done pottery in the Bloomsbury style years ago and I wish I still had
      it. My thoughts while creating these pieces was just imagining myself there and what it would
      have been like to walk from the garden into the house and the smells …. I could see sunny days
      sitting in the garden and sketching swirling designs that flowed effortlessly…I have more ideas…
      You have such a beautiful way of sharing stories and you put together such a wonderful post…so thank you!
      I appreciate your kind words. <3 : )

  6. Gina says:

    I remember the Bloomsbury designs very well, I don’t think they caught on with our customers because they were so radically different from what folks expected of Laura Ashley! Every now and again I think I wished we could go back and buy more of that fabric – I’ve actually got a use for it now.(:

    • ancientcloth says:

      I think you are right Gina…The designs did not seem well received at that time.
      I have wished many times that I would have kept all those dresses! Remember?
      I was just so “burned out” that I wanted something new and different.
      I also wish I could go back and buy all those beautiful fabrics….I, like you,
      could use them now…ahhh such is life. : )

      p.s. I am glad to share the memories with you now : )

  7. So inspiring again ! A beautiful way of sewing and embroidering a painting :) I have quite a few small pieces of L. Ashley’s fabrics that I use now and then in larger quilts, I am in love with the flowers !

    • ancientcloth says:

      I did the paintings first then decided to try and interpret them in
      fabric. Thank you : )
      Laura Ashley fabrics are so beautiful!

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