simple paintings

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I am busy today so, on a whim I thought I would share

a couple of older pictures I painted. I miss painting

but, I have to pick and choose what I am going to do

just because of time and space. I would need an entire separate

area to set my paints up in due to the fact that I would

not be fond of putting everything away every time I paint.

The picture above is a Kachina. It is inspired by the Hopi Indians.

(The word Hopi means good, peaceful or wise)

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The figure on the left for me, represents a Shaman and the figure on the right

represents a Mudhead , which is a clown in the Hopi ceremony.

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This is a Mudhead postcard I sent to a friend at Christmas….

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another Mudhead painting I did.

Have a great day!

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6 Responses to simple paintings

  1. I very much like your feather headdress. I like how you have tipped each feather in black ~ it makes the whole feather stand out, and then it makes the whole headdress stand out. You are a very busy lady! Do you find that your paintings give you ideas for sewing, and vice versa? My writing always gives me ideas for art, and the art gives me ideas for writing. I love the constant interchange between the two! xo Kari

    • ancientcloth says:

      I appreciate you sharing what you see in the paintings….what a nice
      complement : )
      I am always curious what others see and think…so thank you <3
      I have not painted in a very long while because the place I am living
      now is rather tiny and I need a spot to leave my paints out because
      I am not fond of taking out and putting away every time.
      I find that there is a reciprocal balance between painting and stitching
      and the ideas inspired from one or the other flow between the two.
      Thank you! <3

  2. I love the colors on the quilt square. And all things southwestern, really! maybe you could set aside a space and a day for painting? As I recall, you are very talented!

    • ancientcloth says:

      I love southwestern colors too!
      My space is limited right now so I would
      really have to be motivated to pull the
      paints out…because I would have to shuffle
      it all away when I am done and that is not
      my favorite thing to do. I like to leave it out
      and work on it daily. I really am not lazy lol!
      hmmm. I will think about it….
      Thank you <3

  3. karen says:

    fantastic paintings! aren’t you clever!!

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