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Well, it is a start….

Even if I just grow my own tomatoes

that will at least make me feel as though I am trying to garden

: )

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My tiny library has this book, which I checked out and returned and

my goal is to checkout the set of cd’s and listen to this book again.

I love the authors sense of humor.

Lastly, I found this link:

I was inspired to go looking because of Kari:

: )

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10 Responses to gardening…

  1. Ger says:

    I think I´m buying only eatable things for the balcony pots this year… as you say: at least it will make me feel as if I´m gardening…

  2. Hey Marie! Thank you so much for the Twitter link to artpropelled and art2mani’s work (I found her blog too….) Their work almost bought me to tears….. I’ve added them both to my blog roll too!
    I did some gardening today too! Planted some pansies and even mowed some lawn! (We’ve nearly 2 acres of house yard- so there’s a bit of it!) Now that the weather has cooled down it is so much nicer to be out there! I’m working the next few days too!
    Sandi xo

    • ancientcloth says:

      Fabulous artist! You too! :)
      I love pansies. They are such “happy” flowers.
      Maybe we will have time to stitch this weekend..

  3. Forgot to say: Great blog header!

    • ancientcloth says:

      Thanks. The Blue Star Kachina and Dreamtime
      are two of my favorite little pieces I have done
      in the past. :)

  4. Deb G says:

    Tomatoes are generally easy to grow. Good place to start! Basil would be classic. :)

    • ancientcloth says:

      Glad to hear that about the tomatoes.
      I’ll go with the classic too! (basil) My children love pesto
      and so do I!
      : )

  5. I’m really hoping to garden this year, too. I loved that link about the Victory Gardens that you included here. And isn’t it wonderful how we inspire one another? I always find something in your blog to give me ideas, and I love how ideas are jumping from blog to blog and growing: blog gardens! xo Kari

    • ancientcloth says:

      Oh, I love that, “blog gardens”. That could be a
      story lol :) One of the reasons,
      I named my other blog “circle of feathers”, is because
      we are a circle of creative women, inspiring one

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