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This little frog charm came in a package of scrapbooking

mixed media. I did not even know it was in in the package

until I got home.

I remembered my daughter Sarah would say,

(when she was 3)

“It’s froggy outside!”

Obviously, she was referring to fog outside

and the precious thing is that no matter

how many times I would correct her;

it was always “froggy.” (smiles)

So, I decided this charm should go on her purse.

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CC License View

and the words stitched on the purse as well…

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I also finished the words “root deer” for “root beer”.

: )

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6 Responses to “froggy”

  1. karen says:

    Hi Marie, thanks so much for the comment, hope you are well. Karen

  2. Dot says:

    Hi there
    I found your blog through a friend’s recommendation and am so happy I have! Love your stitching and your way with words.
    Will definitely be back for another visit soon.
    Dot :)

  3. mendofleur says:

    So sweet. I recall one of my grandchildren saying it was “froggy” too.

    • ancientcloth says:

      I can still hear her little voice saying that…
      The little froggy part will not be seen that
      often, nor will “root deer”. They will be
      under the flap of the purse. I finally got
      the fabric for the inside of the purse
      yesterday and I hope to finish it this weekend.

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