Connecting the heart

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On January 14, 2010 I created a new blog for myself.

I originally began this journey with another blog called, the Pilgrimmage. It

was a place for me  to express myself artistically but

also express myself from a spirit perspective.  I called it my spiritwalk.

I decided it felt too personal and closed that blog to public viewing.

I then created this blog, Ancient Cloth, to be more artistic and less personal.

But, that is really not possible…because it is about what I do and the

two can not be separated. Kind of silly, is’nt it?

In time though I wanted another spot for my personal

musings so, I created Circle of feathers blog. It is not a place

I post on a regular basis and you may even see duplicate

pictures but, it will be a more personal perspective.

Like taking things a step beyond.

I will see where it all goes. It is good to explore…

This is part of me being true to myself and connecting the heart


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8 Responses to Connecting the heart

  1. You are showcasing some very beautiful artwork on your Circle of Feathers blog. I have had the thought, too, of making separate blogs, one for art, one for books, one for life, but I end up throwing it all together instead, as I can barely keep up with one blog. I love the spiral header on Circle of Feathers! xo Kari

    • ancientcloth says:

      It is hard to keep two separate blogs but, I decided my main focus is this one.
      Sometimes I want to say things but, I do not feel they go with this blog…does
      that make sense? Maybe they do but, I just feel I need/want to keep it separate.
      I understand what you mean about barely keeping up with one blog…that is why I
      will only post occassionally on the other one…I will see how it goes.
      The spiral header on Circle of feathers was from one of the very first projects I made.
      It is a sacred bag to hold special things in.
      Your blog is so beautifully put together. I love the way you tie things together!
      I always enjoy your stories and the way you weave things together. My heart
      is always warmed by visiting. Thank you <3

  2. Deb G says:

    I struggled with this for awhile…until I realized that for me it is all about one thing. :) Still, I think we all have our own ways of organizing and sorting things out.

    • ancientcloth says:

      hmmm….now I am curious…what’s the one thing for you?
      : )
      I had the first blog and thought , “no, this is too much.”
      “I will create a purely artistic one”… but after a while, I decided I wanted
      another blog for my thoughts and the spiritual side.”
      It really is all one but, I guess it is my way of organizing it all for now.
      I will use it as an experiment and I will see where it goes.

  3. Jill says:

    I enjoyed reading and seeing all that you have posted on circle of feathers – it is hard to come to a decision blogwise I have found – I cannot tell you how many blogs I have had over the years. I am still undecided about whether the one that I have now is to be the only one – do I include written pieces, thoughts etc? I am one person but I have many facets as do we all – is having more than one blog compartmentalising my self – is that a good thing? … so many questions :). I hope you find what is right for you – I shall contine to follow this blog, although I don’t always comment, I do always look/read – I shall also now check in to circle of feathers too (love the title). And a thank you – you have started me thinking about all this again – I will have to decide soon I think.

    • ancientcloth says:

      What you said about having many facets is true. We are each
      so much more. I am just trying to find a balance for what feels right for me.
      Maybe, one blog is all I can do but, I will see. I really appreciate
      your comment and thoughts and thank you for following me
      : )

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