Mind of its own…

Well, I think I shall name my camera “mind of its own” because I can not get all my pictures

down loaded onto the computer. Somehow the handshake between the computer and camera

is wacky??? Anyway….I am really not trying to keep this piece a secret, I just can not get

all the pictures yet and my time to play around with all of this is limited as I have been working

the last couple of days and I work today….

CC License View

The colors on this are not true either…they are deeper.

The heart is a deep red velvet . I have beaded it with two colors of red beads.

Of course I had to throw my “stick” fabric in there. It just adds an earthy tone

to it all and grounds the picture. At least that is what I think.

I will explain more when I can get all the pictures up.

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9 Responses to Mind of its own…

  1. Is that an older heart in the flames and a new heart emerging? Maybe I’m reaching here…

    • ancientcloth says:

      Well it could be…actually the grey color is smoke but, I like
      that you saw a heart in there and yes it could be a new
      ethereal heart emerging. I like that!
      Thank you : )

  2. mendofleur says:

    The colors are rich and it will be fun to see the project completed. You are a very prolific person, always something new to entice and interest. I am a little slow, I fear in comparison.

    • ancientcloth says:

      Slow is good! I always look forward to your post and it does
      not matter the time frame in between…I know it will be delightful
      and interesting : )
      I am learning about slow cooking, gardening and creating.
      Thank you.
      : )

  3. karen says:

    good luck with the camera issue, modern technology? Can be a real pain!

    • ancientcloth says:

      Well, I remembered there is always more than one way to do
      something with Mr. computer and “mind of its own”(camera)!
      thank you! : )

  4. I love red and gray together, and anything that twirls and swirls! And thank you for your suggestion about grommets. I will try to find some soon, and the little tool that sets them in place. I used to have one years ago, to make manipulatives for school, but it is lost somewhere. And good luck with your technical problems!! xo Kari

    • ancientcloth says:

      I have had those tiny brads before when I was doing mixed media.
      (forgot about those)
      I hope you find your grommet tool! I can not believe a new one is $30, “gasp”!
      I am glad you were able to find what you needed
      and you are welcome : )

  5. A little update: I went to HobbyLobby and found the grommets, but I also found some very tiny brads. I have never seen such tiny brads! I think either the brads or the grommets will work. The tool for the grommets was $30, so I am now highly motivated to find my own lost tool! I can make these grommets work without the special tool anyway. I put a Phillips screwdriver into the back of the grommet and hit it with a hammer, and presto! the grommet is secured, not smoothly but it will work for my purposes. Thank you so much for your advice on this! xo Kari

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