Erosion bundle update

I decided that after all the snow, wind and rain pelting away at my little

erosion bundle that surely something had come about.

The snow finally had mostly melting and I went to check on my

little precious bundle…

It was no where to be found. Who could talk my little bundle?


I came back in the house and announced my dilemma…

“Who would talk my little bundle?”….reply back to me…

“Go back outside and search around.”

Upon a thorough search of the grounds I found my little

bundle amongst some leaves in a distance…

shoo!…glad I found my little bit of gold.

Now, to undo my bundle and see what is inside.

Well, let us just say that it was not even worth taking a picture.

Nothing had happened. Not even one little thing.

Perhaps, 12 moons would be a better length of time to undo

the little bundle. So, in my desperation I threw the whole

bundle in coffee and I am letting it soak.

I think burying it to is a better idea….

Check this out:…

Thank you Becky for sharing this site!

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4 Responses to Erosion bundle update

  1. How funny about your bundle. I bet all that wind you had contributed to it’s journey.

  2. I just wonder if you put anything other than fabric in the bundle. Like did you put things in it that would rust? Or copper that would tarnish in some way? Or a leaf that might rot?

    I did put some things in mine that might do these things…and somethings that I don’t think will do anything but that was part of the experiment…being surprised.

    Try again.

    • ancientcloth says:

      A leaf is a good idea…I was out of rusty objects although I was searching
      for some. I threw a tea bag in it. I also threw some lavender in it. I figured
      it would not do anything but, maybe it would smell good. Will have to try
      it again but, add more objects.

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