A sunny walk and stitching

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It was a beautiful sunny day here and a friend invited me to go for a walk.

We walked past many cottages that were tightly fit next to one another but,

it was like a ghost town. No evidence of hardly anyone there because these

dear little cottages are summer homes and camps.

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You can see the sheet of ice over the lake thawing out.

People are finally removing their fishing huts off the lake.

My friend told me of a story of a man yesterday who had his truck

sink into the lake while he was trying to remove his fishing shack.

I always think of the movie, “Grumpy Old Men”


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A bit of indigo color

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and patchwork.

Ck out: http://tangledskystudio.blogspot.com/

also check out this video…you will not believe your eyes!


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12 Responses to A sunny walk and stitching

  1. Deb G says:

    Oh those blue waters…of to check out those links. :)

  2. The sun can do wonders for us during this time of winter. Just looking at some expansiveness helps our “closed in” feeling. Thank you for sharing this wonderful picture.
    Glad it wasn’t my truck that fell in the water.
    Glad that wasn’t my problem.
    I can’t imagine it.

    • ancientcloth says:

      My friend said the man was rescued, standing on top of his truck.
      They had to get a crane to lift the truck out of the water.
      We had another sunny day and I was even able to sit out
      side for a few minutes comfortably, stitching of course!
      : )

  3. Thanks for putting my link on your blog.

  4. Lovely to get a peek at where you live ~ all that blue-blue water and those beautiful mountains! Curiously, my husband just acquired that dvd from a friend, and I am just about to play it while I balance my checkbook! I saw it years ago but don’t quite remember the plot. xo Kari

    • ancientcloth says:

      All I remember about the movie is that I laughed a lot
      and there was a fishing shack/ice house in it.
      It is lovely here. I never tire of that, just not a lot
      of “citified” things that I enjoy : )

  5. mendofleur says:

    I am so curious…where do you live? It looks so beautiful.

  6. What a beautiful place to live in ! All those shades of blue, same as your pretty pieces of fabric :)

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