Miles away…

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Lovely wool fabric for someone I love….

I did not make this hat and scarf , just saw it and thought how it might “hug” him for me.

He is miles away…

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I think about

the countless  nights I would fall asleep sitting up, while holding you as a baby.

The many hours I spent watching you play.

The batman cape and mask I made for you when you were four…

how you had to wear it everywhere we went.

Sometimes no mask, but always the cape.

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Now you are a grown man.

I am so proud of you.

I miss you because you are

….miles away.


I have not had a lot of stitching or creative time so, not much

on that front to share.

I have made a few little changes in my blogroll.

I now have a Page called AWESOME BLOGS!

(located at the top of the blog)

: )

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2 Responses to Miles away…

  1. What a thoughtful gift. It is hard to make something for a guy. I love thinking about your son wearing the batman cape.

    I made Catherine a cape one time and she enjoyed wearing it and pretending to be Snow White. She was a dwarf that year in a Snow White production.

    When she saw the Disney movie she explained to us that Snow White was wearing a wig and that her hair was really red.

    • ancientcloth says:

      That little batman cape on my son was precious.
      It is such a vivid image for me!
      How adorable that Catherine explained that her hair was real and snowhite’s was a fake!
      too cute!

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