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I had planned on doing more fun stitching but, I have had two pair

of jeans needing repair. After doing lots of laundry and organization for

my girls I decided that it was time to get busy and get this little task


As I was looking through my daughters clothes I realized that several

pairs of jeans had holes in the knees. I asked Sarah and Hannah, my

daughters if they would like for me to repair them and they both

looked at me and said, “Mom they came that way…don’t you remember?”

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“we pay for this?”

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“Of course, how could I forget?”….

One pair did not come that way and Hannah insisted that they should

remain as they were. (ragged).

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All I can say is that the denim has character.

: )

All this being said; as I was stitching the jeans last night I thought of Japanese

Boro and a lovely explanation I found was :
“In Japan, mended and patched textiles are referred to as ‘boro‘, or rags. “-Sri Threads

Jude at Spritcloth also mentioned it yesterday at her blog:

Also,  this post,because of its lovely stitching,  inspired me to get my denim jeans “patched”…

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10 Responses to patchwork

  1. jude says:

    i love that they sell jeans that need to be mended. ha! so funny. i remember yelling at me after i bought jeans and tried to make them look 100 years old. thanks for the link.

    • ancientcloth says:

      I am smiling about you trying to make jeans look 100 years old!
      You were doing your “magic”, even then : )
      Your welcome C:

  2. I so need this post! Did you put a piece of denim underneath the tear, and then start your stitches (in that top photo)? I am always clueless as to how to begin. I put the new patch on top, and then stitch from behind. But the hole itself always mystifies me as to what to do with it! Do you over-stitch all around the hole? xo Kari

    • ancientcloth says:

      Stitching denim has always been a challenge for me until I saw a post
      at Puddleduck Farm. (Quite lovely by the way.) She was not stitching pants but, had a piece of denim
      that she put fabric underneath and stitched around. So in answering
      your question, I put a piece of denim underneath the hole and put pins in it and worked
      with one arm in the pant leg and the other arm/hand coming through the pant top.
      I hand stitched around the hole but, not on it. In other words, I left the hole alone just making
      sure that I stitched close to the edge of the hole so that the patch would stay secure. I used 3 strands
      of embroidery thread. Previously, I have stitched denim on the sewing machine with zig zag stitching
      and honestly, I have never been happy with it. Also, I have tried patches over the top of a hole but,
      was never satisfied with that either. So far, I think this is my favorite method. Hope this explains it in a way
      that makes sense. : )
      p.s. you can look at the photo on my blog (it might help), and see how I did it. : )

  3. Kaye says:

    Yes, that’s a lovely way of patching jeans. My husband still tries to make holes in his and won’t let me repair them!

  4. Jacky says:

    Mmmm the distressed/holey jeans…. just this Christmas my son requested a new pair of jeans…full of holes and costing a fortune! How many washes will they last????
    If the fashion trends change we will be deft ‘menders’.

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