Many hearts…

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I was thinking about Valentines day and how it comes from some long

forgotten tradition created so many moons ago.

When I think about it, all holidays are.

But, that is ok with me.

I think it is lovely to remember those

we love. Nothing wrong with that.

I was also thinking about my adventure in this creative

path and many of the pieces I have made have hearts in

them or the heart is the focus of the piece.

So, I thought I would share a few…

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this piece is called “renewal of the heart”

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a little bunny with a heart and  tutu that Hannah, my daughter,  made for me…

(it sits on my desk)

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this piece is called “the alchemy of the heart”

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a broken heart mended and held together with angel wings…

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a felt covered rock with a heart!

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this is part of a piece called “be strong”

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“new direction”….

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stitching a broken heart….

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a recent heart called “token of the heart”

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a metal beaded heart….

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a mended heart….

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crop circles and hearts….

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a hopeful heart….

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a doll with a clay heart I made….

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a little heart stitched by Mary Stanley…for me.

I celebrate all of you today because you are a beautiful circle

of creative women who have such a beautiful heart, and

I am thankful.

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However you celebrate or even if you don’t, I wish you a day filled with


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p.s. check out

she posted a fun stitched heart she made…

and Mary Stanley, Art Spirit,  posted some fun hearts she has collected or made:

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12 Responses to Many hearts…

  1. Gina says:

    Remember the little hearts we used to stitch out of Laura Ashley fabric? we filled them with perfume soaked cotton balls and put a safety pin on the back. (:

    • ancientcloth says:

      Ha! Your right….I totally had forgotten that! Miss those days : (
      I sooo miss the Laura Ashley fabrics, home furnishings and the stores and you : )

  2. Kaye says:

    Glorious heart pictures; thank you for sharing them.

  3. Deb G says:

    That is quite the collection of hearts! Happy Valentine’s day.

  4. What a kind heart you have to create so much love-art to share with the world! Happy Valentine’s Day. xo Kari

    • ancientcloth says:

      I am happy to “see” you stop by. I miss you when you are not around C:
      and thank you for your kind words…Happy Valentines day to you too! <3

  5. The heart images were a wonderful seeds of love. I liked seeing them all. Love the tea set reminds me of the magazine Victoria. Lovely.

    Great idea with the hearts and Laura Ashley fabrics. How beautiful.

    • ancientcloth says:

      I loved that magazine Victoria, especially when it first came out.
      Beautiful images. I love my little teapot C:
      I had forgotten about making those little hearts with
      Laura Ashely fabric but, those fabrics were the beginning
      of my “love affair” with fabric!

  6. Your hearts are just like you : beautiful ! Remember these words in “The Little Prince” by A. de St-Exupéry: “The essential is invisible to the eyes, you only see well with the heart”. And you know how to do this :) Happy belated Valentine Day !

    • ancientcloth says:

      Happy belated Valentines to you too!
      I am learning…on a pilgrimage to see with the heart : )
      <3 Thank you so much…The Little Prince is a lovely book.

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