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I have often wondered about dream catchers….

Yes, I know that it has  to do with dreams and catching the bad ones but,

I learned more about them as I was reading a book by Sylvia Browne,

called, Book of Dreams….

Apparently, “the Ojibwa Nation created the dream catchers,

beautiful woven webs of willow hoops and plant cords

with a single feather hanging from them.

According to legend, when dream catchers were placed on the headboard of

a sleeping child, all dreams would be attracted  and come to them.

The bad dreams would get stuck in the weaving, unable to find their way

through, while the good dreams knew their way through to the center so that they could

slide down the feather into the child’s spirit mind.”

(this is my favorite part…)

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And in the first light of the morning the sun would shine on the bad

dreams trapped inside the dream catcher and melt them away forever.

I just think no matter what we  believe in, it is still a beautiful story.

I have learned that people from different cultures all over the world

view dreams as important, if only to help us within our own mind

to resolve issues we have faced or let go of things that are

troubling our spirit. It is a fascinating topic. One that

has been written about with volumes and volumes of books

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(the one on the left)

<I included words and meanings from the dreamtime so that I could

remember what I had read in the book>

This is a piece I did after reading a book by Lynn Andrews,

called Crystal Woman, a part of her Medicine Woman series.

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Lynn meets her aborigine teacher, Ginevee.

Through out the book it talks about dreamtime

and the importance of dreams to that culture.

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a piece of  art I was given that is called

“Dream of  cranes”

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a tiny paper crane…amazing!

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So whatever you think of dreams…

I wish you pleasant happy dreams zzzz!

Update 2/15/10

Look what my youngest daughter handed me this morning….

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a dreamcatcher she made at school! A little crumpled from the backpack.

I had no idea she was making this…I love synchronicity : )

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2 Responses to Dreaming

  1. I really like this post. I had heard of the dream catchers but I didn’t know the lore. Thank you for sharing this. I think dreams are important ways to digest things that we are troubled about. It is also a great way to find life “symbols”. I don’t think that bad dreams are bad…they are just manifestations of fears or another way of seeing that we don’t want to face in the light of day. It is all good.

    • ancientcloth says:

      Thank you! I found this topic to be interesting too! I agree
      with what you are saying. I had not thought of “life symbols”
      but, of course that is a possibility. Your right..it is all good : )

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