lavendar and hearts

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I picked up this lavender from a local farm

in the fall and I am just now using it.

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to make a little sachet….

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with lots of xoxo….

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and I am working on this quilt piece from last year….

hearts and words.

more later : )

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8 Responses to lavendar and hearts

  1. karen says:

    Hi Marie, the clue to when the laundry needs attention is when you run out of clean underwear!! Up until that point the goggles stay on! Have a great weekend, Karen

  2. I love lavender. It is great to sprinkle in some herbal tea of elder berries and a hibiscus flower.
    I think I will start a pot of tea now. I know these are going to be great in a drawer or under a pillow. What a great idea!!! Reminds me of hops pillows as well.

    • ancientcloth says:

      Now you have me thinking about lavender in muffins or cookies???
      Tea sounds great. It smells so good. When I lived in California…
      I remember driving by the ocean and near it was a lavender field.
      I had never seen lavender growing in a huge field like that ….beautiful!

  3. Gina says:

    Oh, how I love lavender…remember the Dr. Hauscka’s (sp?) oil – DIVINE. One of my fondest memories…thank you again!

    • ancientcloth says:

      I was so surprised when I opened the bag and it smelled like
      it had just been picked..mmm. I loveeee Dr Hauschka
      but, have not had it in “ages”. <3
      Thank you : )

  4. Lavender sachets covered with hearts… can anything be nicer to find as you open your wardrobe ? A scent that brings back memories of travelling to the Provence/France or sleeping at my grand-mothers’. White linen lavender-scented sheets.

    • ancientcloth says:

      What lovely memories you have! I used to buy a lavender water for linens
      and I would imagine I was in France when I sprayed the sheets, I have
      never been to France, only read books about it. : )

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