At One…

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I was thinking about focus and clarity this morning and decided that

is something I see everyone striving for.

In our busy lives we can be pulled in many different directions.

I for one have had a tendency to be “all over the place”, at times.

I decided to create this piece to reflect all aspects of  being “at one“.

The gauze/cheesecloth in the background represents the endless possibility

of thoughts I am flooded with all the time.

The egg represents the one thought I have “plucked” from the field of thoughts.

It is  my  heart’s desire.

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The branches represent my will , strength and determination to carry and

hold up my heart’s desire.

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The many moons represent the time it takes to accomplish.

Although time is really an illusion…that’s another story.

just thinking…..

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I believe what ever we focus our attention on and are determined to create

in our lives, if we are unwavering…we can accomplish our hearts desire.

It gives me hope…..

p.s. Whoops!  I accidently erased a message that was thrown in spam..I think your name was Marci and you were commenting on Jaguar Woman…please leave me another comment and I will respond : )

Update: 2/12/10 Isa Threads of Life sent this link regarding

distractions and how to overcome:

It has some great ideas!

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8 Responses to At One…

  1. Kaye says:

    A lovely piece of work, and a good story too.

    • ancientcloth says:

      It is something I have been thinking about a lot lately…
      bringing all of our attention in focus on one thing at a time and
      how we can accomplish so much more with that kind of will and determination.
      Thank you. : )

  2. Isn’t it strange… Your words and their expression in quilting blend in well, I think, with a post I just read a few minutes ago on this blog I find very inspiring :
    Hope you enjoy it too :)

    • ancientcloth says:

      I love when synchronicity happens! : )
      Thank you for the wonderful link…I have posted it on
      my post for At One.
      Some great ideas!

  3. Deb G says:

    It’s interesting to think about the egg on the branch. Like how you worked the gauze in.

    • ancientcloth says:

      I was thinking of the heart as a nest that holds our hearts desire
      and that the gauze is an endless matrix of swirling thoughts we
      pluck the one hearts desire from.
      : )

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