writing spirit and inspiration

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I must confess, I am not a writer nor do I have an intention at this

moment to be one but, I enjoyed this book. There are things I learned I

can use for my creative pursuits.

Lynn Andrews is one

of my favorite authors. I like her easy to follow writing style.

I feel I learn so much from her words…

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a beautiful face…

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I was drawn to this book for one reason….

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I flipped the page and saw this cute lioness (I decided it can be female : )

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At some point I want to stitch something like this.

I already have a sketch “in the wings”…waiting.

Now you know how sometimes I get inspired.

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10 Responses to writing spirit and inspiration

  1. Interesting books you are reading. And yes, this lioness is definitely very cute :) look at those eyes and this sun-like mane ! I look forward to see your inspiration at work…

    • ancientcloth says:

      I am having fun with all the different books. I have been going to the local
      library. It is very tiny but has a “big heart”. : )

  2. Ger says:

    A beautiful face, indeed (always found that fashion with the high foreheads fascinating…)

    • ancientcloth says:

      She does have a lovely face, delicate features. I find that fashion
      fascinating too! Could you imagine wearing all those clothe? : )

  3. Deb G says:

    That lion makes me smile!

  4. mendofleur says:

    I love to know what other people are reading and being inspired by. I think books on writing are very energizing and it really is about the creative process with which we identify.

    The drawing book looks good too. I love the lion and its personality shining through.

    • ancientcloth says:

      I really enjoy seeing what others are inspired by too!
      That little lion is cute! I have a sketch of it and I am
      still thinking about what I want to do and say with it.
      Thank you.

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