Look, what I found…

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A fabric cuff I made last year.

I have decided I would like to make another one but, not just now.

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and this….I had forgotten about this one.

I remembered when I saw this piece of fabric  my intention was to sew it somewhere on the quilt

in a hidden place, perhaps the underside…?

I want to remember what each level of angel represents.

This goes with the piece I recently showed you called, Phylum of Angels.

I wrote this with a permanent marker,(sharpie), not

concerning myself with making it perfect in any way.

The wording kind of blurred but, that gives it character.

This is a beautiful picture on the cover of Windhorse Woman, by Lynn Andrews.

(I would tell you who painted it but, I have already returned the book to the library.)

2/6/10 update: A kind reader gave me the name of the artist: Susan Sedden Boulet.

Thank you!

I finished reading this book today, and I have to say there was a part in the book that

made me want to cry, but, it was still a really good book. I can say I learned some things.

A poem from this book:


By Elizabeth Herron


take these things —

this dress meant for cocktails

and dancing.

I want to be as adorned as

the seed of an avocado,

fleshless, slippery

when you try to hold it.

No Good to anyone really.

Not that my dancing

days are gone,

but I shall dance in my own way,

wearing myself,

whatever that means–

an old blanket,

something woven by women, that shawl


the one Susan made.

Or I shall wear beads and feathers

I have found and strung, strange


Spider Woman’s lace,

this turquoise turtle

from the pueblo

that reminds me

how slow, oh so slowly,

I grow toward my own life.

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8 Responses to Look, what I found…

  1. These are all lovely images. Beautiful poem. The turtle and the rabbit fable is such an important one. It is good to be the turtle, slowly inching forward on the path. I am such a “late bloomer,” I don’t know what I would do without the knowledge that that turtle really does, oh so slowly, cross the finish line. I love your handwriting, by the way. It looks just like you, very friendly and kind and sweet! xo Kari

    • ancientcloth says:

      I always liked the turtle best because I, like you, feel like the “late bloomer.”
      Good point about the turtle…he does cross the finish line in the end. OK, I just
      want you to know that you saying my handwriting is the highest complement to me : )
      because you were a school teacher. My Aunt, who was a teacher when I was a little
      girl told me my handwriting was awful and it took me a long time to get over it…is’nt that
      silly? xo <3

  2. karen says:

    Hi Marie. Thanks for the get well wishes, I am feeling much better now. I must say, I LOVE your ring with the green stones!

  3. Deb G says:

    Your cuff is wonderful! It’s been on my to-do list to make some.

    • ancientcloth says:

      What I really enjoyed about it is that it is an easy project and
      you can use those tiny scraps…not to mention, mine was warm…
      I put flannel on the inside : )
      Thank you!

  4. Kim Gilligan says:

    Susan Sedden Boulet was the artist. I have a couple of books filled with her art, and a couple of spirit Decks I look to for inspiration and aide now and then. Your work is also inspiring. Love the cuff.

    • ancientcloth says:

      Thank you! I will note that on my post. I bet the rest of her work is
      beautiful, ethereal, and inspiring. Would love to see it.
      Also, thank you for your kind words and thank you for stopping by!

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