The Alchemist

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I began this quilt piece over the summer after re-reading THE AlCHEMIST.

For anyone who is looking for a really good book that can be read

in a short period of time, I recommend this book!

It is the magical story of a young boy named Santiago,

an Andalusian shepherd boy who travels in search of worldly treasure.

From his home in Spain, he journeys to the markets of Tangiers and across

the Egyptian desert to a fateful encounter with the alchemist.

The story of the treasures Santiago finds along the way teaches us

about the essential wisdom of listening to our hearts, learning to read the

signs and omens along life’s path, and, above all, follow our dreams!

And I will add, sometimes “the acre of diamonds” is right before us.

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The wording was interesting because I chose a pinkish colored thread that

I thought would look good. I embroidered the words and was pleased but

when I took my piece in the daylight, I was not pleased. The pinkish color

I chose looked good in the soft light of my desk but, once in the daylight

looked like a watermelon color. So, I added the white thread and was

not really overly pleased with that. Finally, I opted to outline the words

in my favorite color…turquoise.

: )

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I know it is “puckering” and I did start to do some kantha stitching but, it was too busy.

I decided once the quilt piece in sewn in place I can smooth it out.

Lastly, thank you Tawny Moon


for listing me at your blog.

I tried to leave a comment but, it would not allow me to

because I am not a member.

: )

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10 Responses to The Alchemist

  1. This book looks really wonderful. I have written it down in my library books list. Is it a little like a picture book? Also, I love how your lettering worked out. It always interests me how something not quite right will make me try something else that I end up liking even more than my original idea! xo Kari

    • ancientcloth says:

      This book is the most beautiful version. It has lovely pictures/paintings by Moebius.
      If you can find this version it is a treat to read and see the pictures! Let me know what
      you think about it? I agree about discovering a different creative way. : )

  2. mendofleur says:

    I read this book so long ago, but not the wonderful version that you shared. I must see if I can find that.

    The piece that you did is mind boggling. Wow! The images are so mythical. I would never tire of looking at this. You should never despair about the wording and the colors. They absolutely belong.

    • ancientcloth says:

      I read the original version but, this one has such lovely painted pictures in it. I enjoyed re-reading it.
      Thank you so much for your kind words. I was so happy with the original embroidered words but, once
      I took it into daylight, the watermelon color was so disappointing! I decided to make what I had better if
      I could. Your words make me feel better about this piece. Thank you : ) <3

  3. Oh yes, this is definitely a book to read and think about again and again. Your artwork is a wonderful tribute to The Alchemist ! I am so admirative at your talent to put your thoughts and experiences into quilting. Spiritual.

    • ancientcloth says:

      Awww….thank you! I really admire Paulo Coelho’s work. I feel my work is such a
      part of me and my experiences. If I did not do that , I would lose interest. Thank you : )

  4. I’ve read this too and your interpretation in cloth and embroidery is so special… love the eye on the pyramid!


    • ancientcloth says:

      This is such a well written book. I so enjoyed reading The Pilgrimage too!
      The eye has so much symbolism to it. Thank you.
      : )

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