yummy thread…

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I came across these threads and was so excited…

I know, I know…it is the “little things” that make me happy! lol.

I am working on a lot of different projects right now

and trying to balance a family and work too.

One project I am working on has this:

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a cicada…which represents death and rebirth.

Another project I am working on is finally piecing together the first story quilt

I began which is about my personal journey….

If I can complete it on time it will be going in a quilt show at the request of a dear friend.

We will see….

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lastly, just finished reading this book:

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Sylvia Browne is a psychic and also a certified master hypnotherapist.

The book was fascinating to me because it talks about cellular memory.

She has extensive documentation and I really enjoyed the book.

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10 Responses to yummy thread…

  1. Deb G says:

    Yes, yummy thread! I was excited when I found out that one of my locally owned quilting stores carried a great selection.

    • ancientcloth says:

      It is the little things…right? I live in a place where I have
      to drive a distance to find fun threads or fabrics.

  2. Jill says:

    Gorgeous – both the threads and the quilt – can’t wait to see the whole :) – and definitely it is the little things – they are the ones which always, always make me smile inside and out.

    • ancientcloth says:

      I hope to show more of the quilt this week.
      I will be piecing it together…
      Those thread colors are so much fun…
      I love all the mixed colors…very happy looking.
      Thank you. : )

  3. I love the CICADA. You did a beautiful job representing that wonderful insect. I love the colors of him too. Just makes me smile to see it.

    • ancientcloth says:

      I found a picture and you know who drew it for me….
      I simply re-drew and stitched it. You know who it is for…
      : )

  4. Beautiful warm shades of red, it feels good just to look at them. As for your cicada (cigale in the South of France where they are so popular), it is a little beauty, its wings precious and its colour delightful. Sylvia Browne’s book sounds fascinating !

    • ancientcloth says:

      Is’nt that thread just wonderful? I agree.
      I could imagine the cicada in the South of France…I remember the summers
      I spent as a child listening to them in Texas. It was sooo hot there.
      The book by Sylvia Browne was really good and a quick read.

  5. Hi Marie! … and thanks for your comment on my blog! I’ve visited you a few times too… and I’d agree that we’re kindred souls! We seem to have very similar interests! …Hey, I nearly took a photo of a whole pile of variegated threads I bought the other day to post on my blog! … and I even have a Sylvia Browne book in my collection!

    I love your work and that it is varied and that you sometimes follow themes… I’ll be back!


    • ancientcloth says:

      You should post that variegated thread…can never have enough lol.
      What Sylvia Browne book do you have? I just read Phenomenon
      by Sylvia Browne. I love her books. I feel like my grandmother is talking to me when
      I read her books. Glad you stopped by : )

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