a gift of the heart…

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I received in the mail the most amazing little gift from my friend Mary Stanley at

Art Spirit.


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Every little detail was so amazing….I did not even notice until I was editing the pictures,  but, this little tiny bird

on the package was made in Japan.

How cool is that?

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There was even the tiniest little, soft feather on the bag….

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Mary is the “Queen of Hearts”….and lucky me! I got this lovely

hooked heart pin. Which I will be wearing everyday on my coat!

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This adorable house ornament was included and it will promptly be displayed year round!

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and lastly this cute owl card….

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Words can not describe my appreciation….from the heart…Thank you Mary!


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2 Responses to a gift of the heart…

  1. Truly a heart felt gift. Especially with all the snow around you, it is nice to get some winter cheer.

  2. ancientcloth says:

    Your right. This is “winter cheer”.
    I like that : )

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