the erosion bundle…

A new blog I thought you might enjoy:

Love Stitching Red

She shared a wonderful project she is involved in and I decided to create my own version.

I am thinking I will leave mine out for the winter…

we will see.

Jude and Deb you already do this! (in your own way)

: )

CC License View

My little erosion bundle in the snow…

CC License View


CC License View

CC License View

I will use every little piece…including the thread.

My erosion bundle hung on a tree.

Lastly, my friend Quilt Architect has started

a new blog called:

Art Swap Barter and Trade

She has some amazing lino ATC cards.

Check it out, especially if you make ATC cards.

CC License View

These are my personal ATC cards from Architect Quilt….

CC License View

They are so amazing to hold and look at!

CC License View

CC License View

I really miss doing mixed media. My entire

box of mixed media stuff was lost in my last

move… will have to start over at some point.

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6 Responses to the erosion bundle…

  1. Deb G says:

    So many fun things to do, so little time! :)

  2. This reminds of years ago when I had oh so carefully saved all of my favorite flower child clothing in a string bag and then put it all in a plastic garbage bag in my parents’ basement. When I went to retrieve my treasures a half-dozen years later, everything had fermented into wine. Or rather vinegar! Oh my! It all have to be thrown away. Luckily, it was already in a garbage bag. But, hey! I might try this again, hanging from a tree, without the plastic. xo Kari

    • ancientcloth says:

      One thing I have learned about basements…it is not the place
      you want to store things! Attics either! Beware of closets too (laughing)
      When my children were small and we moved into a Victorian rental
      I put a wool rug in a closet so my children could not spill anything on it…
      I should have left it out….the moths ate it. Apparently, the place was filled
      with them and Mr. Landlord failed to mention that. Watch for moths and don’t
      use plastic…right? : )

  3. What a huge surprise to see my ATC on your blog. Thank you!!

    Seems like the erosion bundles are a real symbol of letting go. I like that. I will have to make one too. I think that while I am clearing my space I will keep a look out for things that would be good to include in the bundle. Might make good little bundles for the drift wood tree. (Just thought of that, now I am totally sic). Because your bundle looks like an ornament.

    • ancientcloth says:

      Love my ATC cards. They are so much fun to look at and hold!
      Thank you.
      I got the bundle fabric cover a long time ago and could never find a use
      for it. I would pull it out of my stash but, it never seemed to work for anything.
      So, finally I found a use for it…perfect.

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