Happy New You!

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It is a New Year, new day and new moment….

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I believe we have potential to change each minute for the better….

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We can change our attitude about something and we become re-newed.

(New You!)

I guess my word for this year will be the heart.

I did not plan to explore it…it just happened.

This will be a gift to myself.

So, we will see…

I found a couple of blogs that are fun to look at…

It makes me feel like I am peeking into another world because

they are so far away…

(the older post on this one are fun!)



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8 Responses to Happy New You!

  1. Ger says:

    Bright + confident, your heart… – best wishes!

  2. Deb G says:

    A wonderful direction! :)

  3. mendofleur says:

    And such a lovely heart is yours! Your words inspire me, and we do have the chance to become renewed by changing our attitude. I looked at the blogs you referenced and really liked them. It is so much fun to travel to another country through a blog. For some reason, I am drawn to Sweden lately. Even the woman who waited on us at a restaurant last night was from Sweden. Thanks for the beauty. Happy New Year! I look forward to another year of reading great blogs, your included.

  4. You do have a beautiful heart.

    I am also enjoying the web blogs you are sharing. Love the clean lines and uncluttered look of Sweden.

    Happy New Year!!

  5. ancientcloth says:

    Awww…thank you : )
    Glad you are enjoying the links.
    I am always looking for something new and interesting.

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