CC License View

I decided it was time to gather my heart pieces and put them


CC License View

I added some fun crow and crow footprint fabric to the left of this piece.

CC License View

CC License View

CC License View

This picture is for you Quilt Architect.


You said you would like to see the whole picture of something,

so here it is!

: )

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4 Responses to heartfelt

  1. Deb G says:

    I’m thinking raven and Edgar Allen Poe…

  2. I love seeing the “whole thing”. I like magnifying it and seeing each stitch and each bead.
    Your work really speaks to me. I love the symbolism and trying to figure it out. Wonderful. Reminds me of Edgar Allen Poe as well… the dark fabrics are so winter and so New England.

    • ancientcloth says:

      I thought of you when I was editing the pictures and thought
      you might appreciate seeing the whole picture. Once I put all the
      pieces together I realized it does seem rather dark…but, it is winter
      and snowy so it is ok.
      Thank you!
      : )

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