No time

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no time…

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detail of window in space

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the sun

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The finished postcard and the Christmas cactus blooming!

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This postcard is on its way to New Zealand!

On the opposite side I wrote my friend:

“No time or space can keep those that are dear to us far away!”

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10 Responses to No time

  1. Deb G says:

    No, we always hold them in our hearts don’t we?

    As for time, I’m resisting the sense that I’m running out of it!

    • ancientcloth says:

      Yes, so true. We do hold them in our hearts : )
      As for time;
      Keep resisting that thought of running out
      : )
      I like that!

  2. julia moore says:

    My first thought on seeing this complete: Genius! You have a lovely touch for making these cards. Keep on doing them!

    • ancientcloth says:

      I really enjoy making the postcards because they are small and it gives
      me a reasonably quick sense of accomplishment. Also, I wanted to send
      something to those people who are special in my life without all the fuss i.e.
      wrapping, boxes, mailers,$$ etc. Besides, the postmen and women really enjoyed
      seeing them too!
      Thank you.

  3. mendofleur says:

    What a lovely gift to receive in the mail. I hope you are surviving the last minute holiday rush. I think the time to relax is right around the corner.

    • ancientcloth says:

      My friend is so dear to me and I know she will appreciate the postcard as
      she is an artist too. Thank you. The holidays are busy but, I try to find quiet
      moments for a cup of tea or a little stitching. I am wishing you a peaceful and
      joyful holiday : )

  4. Just beautiful. I really like the composition and the words.

  5. Adorable postcard and thoughts !

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