Family clothes

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These are simple 8 x8  inch squares I cut from garments that the family no longer

wears. ( I have a previous post regarding this.)
The idea was not to make this some perfect piece of art.
I want to to see what I can do with what I have on hand.
It is not about color coordinating or anything like that.
Just using what I have…when I have it (i.e. recycled clothes)

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I pieced together all the squares I had.

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I could add fabric I already have on hand but, I am going to wait until I have more

garments to recycle. I will eventually do some hand stitching and backing

for the quilt once I feel it is large enough to be a complete quilt.

When I look at each piece of fabric I remember each family member

wearing it. This quilt,, although simple, will hold stories and memories….

I like that.

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11 Responses to Family clothes

  1. Ger says:

    Looks like these fabrics have seen all kinds of fun + outdoors activities …

  2. Deb G says:

    Perfect! I have a quilt that my mother made me with fabric she had collected from all of our family members. I treasure it….

  3. I did a scrap hexagon quilt over five years. It has a lot of memories. Doing it over an extended period of time mean there were more memories as the fabrics collected expanded over that period of time.

    I love story quilts and this one that you have made will be treasured. I think not rushing it is wise.

  4. julia moore says:

    So wise, so true. This is what quilting is all about.

  5. Slow cloth, yes, that is a good way to remember people and events as you sew those precious fabrics together. In the true spirit of the first quilters who just needed to recycle all they had at hand. I have done something similar with fabrics brought back from Africa and this logcabin is my favourite !

    • ancientcloth says:

      I think fabrics from Africa would be so much fun.
      I love the colors and designs I have seen. I have even
      spent time looking at fabrics from their to purchase.
      Just beautiful!

  6. I made a small hexagon quilt; all handstitched when I was in my early teens. My Mum was a dressmaker and I used scraps from her sewing room floor! There is everything from exotic silks to pieces of wool and felt! I put a backing on it later; and eventually it became a doll’s blanket for my girls… I still have it in here somewhere. I remember which fabrics were from clothing my Mum made for me or herself. When she saw it when visiting once, she could remember almost all of the clients and the dresses she made from each piece!

    This quilt will give you a lot of joy as you put it together and one day will give you the joy of memories when all the kiddies have flown the nest!

    • ancientcloth says:

      I think it would be fun if you shared that quilt. Would love to see it at your blog!
      and hear the stories…
      It is special your daughters have it. Reminds me of the childrens book I just posted.
      A sweet story for children.

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