Sweet ornament

CC License View

CC License View

A sweet little ornament I picked up a couple of years ago at Urban Outfitters.

It is designed by Jennifer Murphy and I think she has cornered the market

on cute with her fabulous hand created one of a kind bears, etc.


Another artist who I think defines cute is :

Mary Stanley at


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2 Responses to Sweet ornament

  1. julia moore says:

    I remember you saying you have a young daughter. I can see that Christmas is a fun time for you because you can indulge in the magic and fantasy with your child. My daughter is all grown up and lives far away, so Christmas is now a very quiet, uneventful time for me, which is not such a bad thing, but I do enjoy watching others get truly excited about the magical parts. So I enjoy your approach to Christmas. I am enjoying it vicariously through you, when I want to.

    • ancientcloth says:

      My youngest daughter is 11″ going on 16″ (lol). So, the days of having a “sweet little Christmas”,
      where the children believe in magic are over. I think my blog is the most Christmas-ee. But, I do
      try to make it fun for all of us. I focus on being together and good food.

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